It is time to ask that age old question of who would you rather? Tonight, the battle of Superheroes continues but it was all about the ladies last time. This time men the scantily clad heroines are just for you.

Supergirl-cosplayIn the Red and Blue corner, she was raised by her cousin and sadly they lived in Smallville. She can stop trains with a single look, she is faster than a speeding bullet. She also asks the age old question, do blondes have more super powers, She is from Argo City!!!! She is Kara Zor-El is also known as SUPERGIRL!!!!



Her opponent, is also from the DC universe. She is a goddess, and can stop a bullet by the flick of her wrist. She can also get kinky with you and tie you you up to a chair, too bad that you will tell the truth if she does. She is the one and only, savior of Steve Trevor and looks good in boots. WONDER WOMAN.

And Now it is up to you to answer the age old question. Who’d You Rather?