2838126-edward_sparkling_1_257x285I am anti Fad. If something is extremely popular, then I am automatically against it. I hate fads, most of the time something becomes a fad because the masses feel like the only way to be cool is if they like what everyone else likes.

There are plenty of “bad fads” that have thankfully all but disappeared from the mainstream, case in point, Twilight. Show of hands, who’s glad that sparkly vampire has seemed to have vanished?

lggings copyThe Bad Fad that is really burning my cookies, lately are those ugly leggings all the girls are wearing. I mean, I am sure you have seen them right? In what way are these cool? I am not talking about the solid colored leggings. I am talking about the leggings that are different colors, with stripes and shapes and Aztec designs. These are not cool. You do not look cool wearing them. You look freaking color blind! Come on people! Do we need to go back to preschool and learn our colors? I want to know who even invented these leggings so I can give them a stern talking to and ask them if their mama thought them to dress that way or if they came up with that all on their own. Seriously, all these leggings need to be gathered up and set on fire, and while the fire is burning we can burn every Twilight dvd.