So…… How do I put this in a way that all of you can understand? HOLY FUCKING HELL, WE HAVE ENTERED THE ICE AGE. We have been going through thunder sleet all day and now there are three inches of sleet on the ground. We have lost power, we have lost internet, and some of us have lost our pants. We will be back to normal tomorrow, but tonight as you try to keep yourself warm from the enduring the Hoth. I will completely understand if you have to open up a tonton to stay alive through this we will forgive you. In the meantime, we want to be able to make you laugh, so tonight we present our next installment of Caption This. We give you a picture and you leave a funny caption. If we like it, you may win something. Here is the photo.


You tried to milk me for the last time. Now, I am here to milk you…….. Bitch!!!!