man-cheating-med-newLong time no talk! Lonesome Emerson is back but in a rather depressing way. What do marriage vows mean to you? I knew when I married I meant forever. What happens when the person you are with comes to the conclusion that he no longer likes the life he has and wants different? Not better, different. My ex did this almost 2 years ago. He is who I refer to as Vader’s evil brother. I do feel that Vader had some feelings for his kids, whereas here, my ex doesn’t really seem to care. This brings me to my rant. Luke and Leia need; food, electricity, gas, and water. Child support is due by the 10th so we don’t lose any of our necessities. He has decided that since I’m greedy- he’s going to teach me a lesson. I settled for $600 a month. This man brings in $1,500-4,000 weekly. He’s a driver, so yeah a lot goes back into the truck. I know; I helped him build the business 7 years ago. I also know that after the bills, there’s a fair amount left to be spent on other things. When we were married, he spent the extra on chrome. Now, the new bride spends most of it. I’m not asking for anything other than what was (generous on my part) agreed upon. Does this sound like I’m greedy?

I was a stay at home mom for more than 8 years. I got to get both kids into school and I’m grateful daily that I had that time with them. However, I spent most of those 8 years doing the books, making parts runs, and chasing down people that owed us money for that business. I made the contacts and developed the relationship with the farmers and brokers we used. In case you don’t know, being a stay at home mom doesn’t look so hot on a resume. I had two and a half years of college but didn’t obtain a degree. The manager at McDonald’s actually told me I was over-qualified to work there. I don’t care; I just want a job…

In the divorce; I didn’t ask for alimony, I didn’t ask for part of the business I helped build, all I asked for was my kids and child support to help me stay afloat. Now, do any of you see any reason why I should be taught a lesson? Why he can’t just pay without me having to open a case with child support enforcement? I’d love feedback if you have the time. My side or his side is up to you.

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Emerson Braddock

Hello people! I am Emerson and I am a geek. I enjoy making people laugh and don’t mind being the butt of the joke. Though I usually make others the butt of jokes. Well, enough about butts. I have two kids who are my whole world and are commonly referred to as Luke and Leia. My love life is laughable and I don’t see an end to that any time soon. So if you think I’m pathetic, just keep reading what I write cause it gets worse. You may end up feeling better about yourself.