Here is the topic which we cannot even fathom to think of, or dare to. In a post-apocalyptic situation, how would we deal without technology? Read this article to learn how things will change, and how to adapt to them. First, I will delve into the most obvious, social media, then just into everyday things that we have gotten accustomed to. Just imagine any Apocalypse situation that you have dreaded, but never dared to think of and what it would cut out. What would be the first things to go?


t2These simple yet complex pieces of tech have become our primary source of entertainment. It would be not only for our favorite TV shows but also for our news. I’m sure in the following days of whatever post-apocalyptic situation that will come along they will report on the news and it will interrupt our everyday lives. It will interrupt a certain routine, and that will cause panic. When the news finally goes out, what will we have to tell us what is happening? We would soon have to face the daily horror of boredom along with what will be going on outside. My tip, invest in board games. Maybe even an old school RPG like Dungeons & Dragons.


Landline Phones

t3I know this doesn’t seem to be important right now, but a wide array of companies still use this method of communication, even 911. The reasons why landlines would be the first things to go is not even the fact of the lines or towers. It would be the fact of the people that would be gone that operate the companies. Look how many people it takes to operate those big corporations that own the telephone companies. Just imagine if the landlines went out first. There would be no way to contact the Police, Emergency Services, or even say, your Grandmother because that she is not up to date with the latest technology. Just taking out landlines would create and uproar and utter chaos.


Cell Phones

t4These little complex boxes in which we have intertwined our lives will be gone. The towers will be up, but none the less there wouldn’t be anyone to run them. If the electricity goes out, you will have no way to charge them either. It is a scary thought. What if you can’t text your best friend “OMG, John just got ate by a zombie! Glad it wasn’t me!” Believe it or not, we have gotten used to these little communication devices. Not being able to contact people will be a huge thing. It will be similar to having all of your closet friends and family in a room with you, then blinking and they just aren’t there anymore. Just cutting off that simple way of communication will be detrimental to most peoples’ survival. Loneliness leads to depression and in a world of widespread panic, they won’t know how to deal with it. My advice if you want to survive in the world afterwards gives yourself some time away from these gadgets so you can get used to real life. It seriously could save yours.


Social Media

t5Honestly, this is a huge form of communication these days. Have you seen just the amount of people on Facebook and Twitter alone? People use this everyday, whether it is to communicate or use as a form of a journal. Losing Social Media itself will a big thing for people who use it to get used to. I even admit myself that I am quite addicted to sharing funny pictures & posting about what I fixed for supper. Believe it or not, its crazy addictive to just spend your extra time there posting, talking to friends, and writing comments. You can also learn what your favorite celebrities are doing. Though as fun and time consuming as it is, it will be an emotional thing to deal with not having it. My advice is to take some time off of it so you can wean yourself off of it. It’s an addiction. Plus at the beginning of the apocalypse it will be very depressing anyway. You will see posts like “George fell into the crater into the earth R.I.P.” or “Sally got abducted by aliens! :’(“ So it will be best to stay off there at that time anyways.



Whatever Apocalypse comes our way it is essential to our survival that we don’t get caught up in all the technologies of today because when they are gone it could be devastating. You should enjoy life anyways instead of being addicted to newest device or surfing the internet so at least limit yourself so you will be prepared if it happens. Go play outside or meet up with people instead of using these communications. It is important to enjoy life and be grateful for what we have.