I think most fans of comic books, will tell anyone that the show Arrow is one of the best shows based on comic books since the 70s with Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk. The next show based off of a comic book series is about to take shape. For the first time since 1990, The Flash will grace the screen as someone who can save the world.

Here is the rundown of the Barry Allen character. Barry Allen’s mother was killed. The police was not able to find a suspect which led Barry to become a Forensic Scientist. During a freak night in the lab, a lightning bolt hit a shelf in his lab causing him to have the super power of super speed. Thus the Flash was born out of a flash of light.

The CW is looking to try to capitalize on the success of Arrow by letting the same group of people do the show based on this character. This past week they released, the suit that Barry Allen would be putting on. I have to say that it may be the worst costume since the Bat Nipples. So below are the three costumes that the Flash has worn over the years.

Let us start with the comic book suit. The Flash is suit is red with the giant lightning bolt on the chest. It is very a sleek and simple suit for a man with super speed.


Now, let’s move on the first time that The Flash was used in the world of television. The show was very cheesy and had the look and feel of the Batman movies of the mid 90s. It seemed like the pages of a comic book come to life for the viewer. The suit stayed very true to the comic book, but I have to say that this is going to be a difficult undertaking for any costume designer. Fake painted on muscles. Can this suit actually look good in movies and on the small screen. Is this suit doomed to only look good in the world of animation?


And the answer to that question is a giant yes. I want you to take Barry Allen and buy some fruit roll ups. I want you to put those fruit snacks all around his body and what happens. You get the new suit released by The CW today. Maybe, I am wrong in my thinking that the suit is ugly, but I do not feel that it holds up the standard of The Flash character. The suit is not even red.


Will the show be terrible? I highly doubt it. Will I be watching it? You better believe it.  If you have ever seen the show Arrow, you know that this show will be something special. The suit may look horrible and made out of leather, but will it take away from the show? I understand wanting to make the superhero suits seem more sleek than their older counterparts. However, I think sometimes revamping the classics can turn into something less special. Look at The Green Lantern, and Man of Steel, the suits were a part of those movies that no one could pass. I think we are going to be seeing this type of thing with all the superheroes at some point. It makes the nerd in me just sad. What do you think about the new suit? Share your opinions.