Pets Are Like Kids

fjdfjjduyfjjkdfPets may not be as helpless as kids begin and we don’t give birth to them, but in many ways they are just like kids. My pets are basically like toddlers who I feed, water, bathe, walk, clean their poop and they tear up my house Here are the reasons why pets are like kids and why should think about this decision before you decide to get one especially if you already have kids of your own.

They require a lot of attention

My cats are always begging for attention, whether I am working, cleaning, or even using the restroom. Pets don’t care what you’re doing. They want attention here and now. What you want doesn’t matter. One of my cats bite me until I look at them. My dog Max whines until he gets what he wants which is usually to drag me outside while he sniffs the ground like a druggie in search of his next fix. Pets are loyal, kind, loving, and some are very dependent. They are just like kids though in the fact that they need tons of love and affection.

You take care of them

You have to feed and water them. If you have a cat you have to clean the cat litter box. If you live in the city you have to pick up your dog’s poop. My dog while whine exactly when his water bowl is empty and wants me to fill it up right there and then. My cats will tear open the cat food bag, whether I feed them or not. They also bully the dog for their water. I take care of my pets just like kids. There is no difference.

You have to discipline them

I have to tell my cats to stop bullying the dog more than once. If I didn’t discipline my pets it would be World War III in my house and my cats would probably end up ruling the world. Cats are very smart. If it wasn’t for me my dog would be outside 24/7 and torturing every poor creature that comes into his path. He likes the rubber on the tires as well, so when I’m walking him I have to constantly direct him away from traffic. You have to tell them no constantly. I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t have kids, but in fact I am a parent to my fur babies.

They get on your nerves

Literally sometimes I wish I could go on vacation from my pets. I love them and wouldn’t trade anything in the world for them, but they drive me completely insane. If it’s not about keeping the cats from bullying my 80lb dog, then it’s telling my dog to stop barking at everything that moves. They scratch on things or poop on things that I have to clean. My dog max doesn’t know the strength of his tail so he knocks over everything in sight. They are a constant pain in my butt.  It’s worth it though when you have a companion for life.

They are always in your way

I can’t tell you how many times I have tripped or fell over something trying to avoid stepping or running into my pets. My dog is huge and trying to dodge him in a hallway is near about impossible. My cats are always trying to get into the smallest corners, especially when I am cleaning. Trying to sit down and write is almost an absolute joke. A cat will jump in my lap and sometimes even on my keyboard and possibly deleting a whole page of beautifully written work. I have to wait until they are napping, do anything for me.  Like I said, they are just like toddlers.

Sibling Rivalry

Believe it or not pets have plenty of sibling rivalry. My two cats who are sisters from the same litter are jealous of each other and constantly compete for who can get more of my attention. They even fight about it. My cat Mina will mark her territory like a dog over attention.  Sometimes even the dog gets jealous if there is a cat or cats in my lap. It’s amazing how much I wish they could just be sweet and get along like when they were younger. I rarely see them cuddle anymore. I can imagine parents go through this as well with children.

jfjhdfjdjyThey make you worry

They make you have fears you didn’t know you had. I always constantly check the doors to make sure I haven’t accidentally closed the door on a cat or closed them up in the bathroom or the closet. I’m scared I’ll squish them moving furniture.  I’m afraid when Max escapes from the house that he won’t return. I’m afraid that he will get run over a car again. I’m constantly scared they will get sick. Sometimes I will worry myself sick with it and freak them out as well. It gets very scary. I’m sure parents freak out that way as well.

If you are ready to get a pet, remember they are just like having a kid. You have to clean, feed, and look after them as if they were your own. I promise, though the reward will be great though, because you will have a forever friend who will be loyal, patient, and kind. They won’t leave you and will always be by your side. If you have kids realize that you are just adopting another child into your family so definitely be prepared to be able to give a little bit more. I grew up with pets though, so if your kids are old enough, they will have great companions to turn to when they feel alone or that they can’t talk to anyone else. Animals are innocent and loving so please be kind. They will love you even if you mess up though. It’s a reason to learn patience and kindness. Also, if you are considering taking on a pet, please consider adopting one from your local shelter. There are plenty of animals who just need a loving and caring person to show them the world can be a better place.

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