I want to take this time to talk about epiphany that I have had in the past few months that I believe that I needed to have sooner. Why rush? I think about all the crazy shit that I have done in life, and here is my advice. Don’t do what I did!!! I hear people saying YOLO, and right before I slap their knitted hipster hats off their head, I think about that little saying. Do we really have to rush through life to enjoy it? We are constantly thinking about what is going to be the end game of a situation and about the journey. I think a lot of people need to realize that it is a marathon and not a sprint. We are always more worried about getting to the point that we forget how special the journey truly is. I think one day we all need to just have a day where we put our troubles in a bag. Sit and take a deep breath and enjoy the day. That is what is wrong with some of us. This past week has been very interesting in my life. I have had a lot to think about in the past 7 days and I truly needed it. I think we all have to do that just once. Because it is your life, and you can have it Any Way You Want It. See what I did there. It’s a Journey song.