One of things in our new motto is that one of our missions is love. It is lonely being a nerd in a world preps and jocks. It really is like senior year of high school all over again. There is only one difference between then and now, I don’t have to get up at 6:30 every morning. Love and dating is a complete bowl of suck flakes. (Not part of a balanced life.) We try and they come and go. It seems like a cycle that will never end. That is the one thing that we’ll want when something goes south. Closure. It is sort of like a book that you never read the ending of. You have to know the ending to find out what really happens. Once that ending is done. Closure makes the process seem so much faster in the getting over that loser phase, but what if you never get that closure. What if you are stuck on that page and there is no end in sight. The stories you hear changes on a daily basis of why it’s over changes on the daily basis. That should be your answer right there. Your closure to the situation is that they were fake. Not what you want to hear, but the truth hurts like a swift kick in the balls or the vaginas. If you are sad today because you feel like you never got the closure you needed remember that it already has happened. It may not be yours or My Happy Ending, but it will happen.