Well the ice has melted here at the Solitude of Nerdom and everything seems to be getting back to normal. We just put up our 16th Show and were quite proud of how it’s doing. The boss man is happily stressing himself out for the site while I Chris Knight, sit here in my office and drink a coke and have a cream horn stuffed in my face. Oh well, I should probably write something considering that my boss is staring at me like I am the fat guy at a buffet. So, what do I choose to write, a retro video!! Talk about MADNESS huh, Speaking of which, our computers went down for about three hours. Not to mention the interns, god the interns! I don’t think I have seen this much complaining since the cancellation of Firefly. These newbies are all about why our filing system is so discombobulated or the fax machine isn’t working. The copier blew a fuse, do I have to think of every solution! Not to mention the fact, that our resident Stick Figure Dan is guarding the Krispy Kreme donuts I bought for myself!! Now Richard just walked in to inform me of the theft of The Buzzkill’s replica of the Winnebago from the movie Space Balls! It’s like CAN I PLAY WITH MADNESS!