ShadowPerson1How many of us have seen a figure pass by us out of the corner of our eye and turn to see nothing there? Most people would say they have seen something walk by them, but, could it be real or is it just our eyes playing tricks on us? Some individuals say it is real, and they have had encounters with these figures. These entities, that they claim to have encountered, are known as Shadow Beings or Shadow People.

Shadow Beings are purported to be supernatural in nature and often are only seen through the peripheral vision, though some have seen them head on. They are usually described as dark, shadowy masses or as silhouettes of humans with characteristics of that of males. They generally have no facial features to speak of, other than that of dark red glowing eyes. If any characteristics can be made out, it is usually that of a long cape or trench coat and a fedora style hat. These entities have been reported for hundreds of years and are sometimes mistaken as a ghostly encounter. Unlike ghostly encounters though, people feel these figures were not once human and intense feeling of fear or terror always accompany ‘them’.

People report seeing them in their homes or outside their house’s and, in many cases, sense they are being watched or studied by these figures. When they catch sight of the shadow being, ‘they’ quickly disappear yet some people say ‘they’ stared back at them before vanishing. These beings seem to defy the known laws of physics and have the ability to walk through walls and closed doors as well as move with a rapid speed.

So who or what are these entities? Investigators are still trying to get to a confident answer to this question. Many different theories have been proposed as to what the phenomenon could actually be. Some say that ‘they’ are aliens waiting for the right chance to abduct someone. Some state ‘they’ are from another dimension or parallel world that overlaps with our own. Another possibility is that they are demonic entities here to cause havoc on humanity. Skeptics, on the other hand, think it is a hypnagogic state (waking sleep) where people are in-between a conscious state and sleep and are dreaming up the ‘being’.

No one seems to have a definite answer to this bizarre phenomenon. The only thing investigators know for certain is that the ‘beings’ are not human. As time goes by, researchers will continue to search for some solid evidence that will shed light on this extraordinary occurrence and answer some important questions about these entities.