You only have one chance to make a first impression. Well, unless you are drunk and then you have that magical second try. I think the same can be said for that 1 minute opening of a television show. The TV theme is sort of a lost art form today. Back in the 60’s-90’s you knew what show was on by hearing the catchy open. It would get you pumped for that show and you knew what to expect. Today, that is not the case at all. It is more about getting past the title screen and fitting as much content in 22 or 42 minutes. This is why the television theme is still important and today we are going to be counting down The Top 7 TV Theme Songs Since 2000. I had to listen to many stinkers and songs that will be stuck in your head for months. However, I finally comprised a list of the 7 best. Let’s Start The Countdown!!!

#7. In the year 2001, NBC was looking to find a show that would catch on during their “Must See TV” lineup. That was until a group of MED students started joking around and becoming a group of friends. Coming in at #7 is Scrubs. The show was way ahead of its time and still holds up to this very day. The interaction between JD and Turk bring us moments that need to be relived over and over. But the theme is what caught our attention in giving it the number 7 spot. I know a lot of people that treat medical professionals very poorly. They think magically they should be cured by just going to the doctor one time. This is why, I’m No Superman, fit with the show perfectly. The struggles that three main medical students were going through, show how difficult it can be with a hint of great comedy.


#6. I am sure that we have to look at all shows from across the board. It doesn’t matter if the show is for adults, or from an animated kids show. Coming in at number 6 on the countdown is a television theme about what two boys will be doing on their summer vacation. Phineas and Ferb is an animated show that was released by The Disney Channel with one catchy theme song. I feel that with a television theme, it has to embody the essence of a show and this theme just does that. The show follows two step brothers and what kind of crazy things they will be building, while this is going on, their sister is trying to bust them to prove to their mom she is not nuts. If that wasn’t enough, they have a secret agent Platypus. That sounds like the makings of an epic theme and add one of my personal favorite bands, Bowling For Soup and you will understand why this animated show made the list.


#5. I think I am going to get burned at the stake by nerds everywhere for only putting the next theme in the 5th spot. I am honestly scared to know what the reaction will be from my fellow fans of Joss Whedon. The theme coming in at number 5 is the perfect fit for a space western and the perfect fit for a crew that aims to misbehave. Firefly may have only been on the air for one season, but the lasting effect of the show still continues to this day. One of those lasting effects is the epic theme created by Joss Whedon. Out of all the themes on the list, this song may have the most powerful lyrics which is saying a lot. I am not taking anything away from the greatness of this show, but the fact it was only on one season, is the only reason it’s come in at #5. But I do know one this, you can’t take the sky from me.


#4. The theme coming in at #4, has had an amazing day. This show has been picked up for three more seasons, which is insane in the world of television, but I know many fans that are not going to complain with that decision. If you are a fan of Science and all things that go nerd, chances are that you have seen The Big Bang Theory. This group of nerds have kept us laughing since 2007 but one thing that defines that show is the opening theme. As soon as you hear it, you know what it is and you know you are going to be laughing. I think this theme may be the most fun on the list because of its pouting of random history and science facts. Plus, once you hear it, you will be humming it for the rest of the day. The theme for Big Bang explodes it’s way to number 4.


#3. If you work in an office complex in a cubicle all day, wouldn’t you believe that the job would become the same routine on a daily basis? You are the phone with clients, selling products, making spreadsheets, crunching numbers, and yet somehow, you find time to fall in love, make terrible puns, and put coworker’s property in jello. The group from Dunder Mifflin and The Office come in at number three. I think the song fits perfectly with what the show actually tries to do and that makes work seem like a fun place to be. If you hate your job is there a reason to actually be doing it? The theme to The Office may not have any lyrics to sing to but it will put a smile on your face. Something a lot of themes can’t get right. #3 is the people person’s paper company, and the crew of The Office.


#2. And that brings us to the 2nd best theme song since 2000. I remember flipping through the channels one day and happen to stumble across the last few moments of an episode of this show. I had to look twice because I didn’t even recognize Katy Segal at all. I found out what time the show came on and what it was about. For me at the time, I never thought that a show about a motorcycle gang would catch my attention. I was wrong. I was really wrong. The first opening seconds of the show hooked me and then I heard the theme coming in at #2. The Theme for the show Sons of Anarchy has to be one of the best in the history of television. It is gritty and really capture what the show is about. Something’s they do may be illegal and I know a happy ending may not always be coming. The first line, riding through This World, all alone, sends chills through my body each time I hear it.


#1. Number 1, is going to suck. I am so excited about this one. I remember first seeing the intro for this show and hearing the song for the first time. I thought it didn’t go together at all and then as the first season went on, I thought okay, I get it. Season after season, I think this may the catchiest song with one hell of a hook and the credits that go with it. I think if we are going to take a look at the perfect theme, and intro, we have to look no further than to HBO. Number 1 is going to suck alright, it may just be the blood out of your body. The theme for True Blood comes in as the best theme since the year 2000. If you think about it, this show is filled with sex and revenge, Jace Everett’s song Bad Things is exactly what the fine folk in Bon Temps love to do to one another. If you don’t believe listen and watch the opening for yourself and tell me I am wrong.


What do you think? Did your favorite theme miss the cut? Maybe I got the order wrong? Let me know in the comments.