The Walking Dead: “The Grove” Recap

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This goes out to the Walking Dead fans that were pretty freaked out after last Sunday’s episode. I don’t know about you, but I was really shaken up after Sunday’s episode. I know some of you don’t understand what happened and if you do, some of you disagree. This is my personal opinion on why the last episode was morally right and my reasons why. I’ve heard that most of this season was spent on character development, and this was yet another layer they added on to their version of a post-apocalyptic world of walkers and problems of the everyday world. Please do not read on if you haven’t seen the last episode of the Walking Dead!

This season has been very interesting and all together the most fascinating season they have come out with. This season has been focused on the elements of a zombie (walker) apocalypse and what can happen and otherwise be the demise of humans besides the main enemy. In this season we have seen two competing groups fighting each other for the more secure location. We’ve seen a group get torn from their family and friends and thrown into the raw world of getting chased down by walkers and almost getting killed by bandits. You never know what is going to happen. With only a few episodes of this season left, there’s no telling what they can throw at us.

In the last episode titled “The Grove” we find the characters Tyreese, Carol  Peletier, Lizzie, Mika, and baby Judith come up on a House in a clearing in the woods. Carol has been trying to make Mika tougher because she sees her like her daughter Sophia. Sophia was a nice girl like Mika, but according to Carol you have to toughen up and change to survive. Carol has been trying to make Mika tougher because she sees her like her daughter Sophia. Sophia was a nice girl like Mika, but according to Carol you have to toughen up and change to survive. Mika basically says she can shoot walkers just not people. She knows what they are and that she’s not messed up like Lizzie. Carol tries to explain that life doesn’t work that way. Mika says the words “Mom used to say things always have a way of working out.”

Lizzie has always seemed to be kind of off. I will admit I saw something eventually coming out of her crazy belief that walkers are still real people, but I did not expect to go this far. Lizzie has been “friends” with the zombies since the prison. You see bits and parts of Lizzie with Mika and Carl and they sort of expect her to be a little weird at most. Carol and Tyreese go inside to clear out the house and leave Mika, Lizzie, and Judith outside. Mika has a conversation about Lizzie needing to understand what walkers are and they aren’t people. A walker comes out of a side door of the house and falls over the railing. Mika finally shoots it so it doesn’t kill them. By this time Carol and Tyreese have joined them and Lizzie’s freaking out. Not because they almost got eaten by a walker, but that Mika shot it.


I always wondered about Lizzie’s fascination with these mindless creatures, it just seems like she could not begin to understand what walkers actually are. In some little weird reality of hers walkers are still the same people just with a taste for human flesh. There’s no explaining what could have caused her creepy view on reality. So far in this season we have only met one crazy person, if you can remember when Rick met Jolene earlier this season. She was the walker look alike skinny woman who couldn’t live without her husband so she kept him like a pet and apparently was killing and feeding people to him.

The difference about Jolene and Lizzie is obviously that Lizzie was a child. You don’t really expect children to go completely insane. Her point was indeed that people do come back (well, except that they come back as soulless, brainless creatures with a taste for flesh that is). The reasoning behind this is what happens to children as they are growing up in a walker infest apocalypse. Their reasoning of right and wrong is being turned upside down. Apparently some kids cannot handle such a far-fetched grip on reality and in Lizzie’s case completely crack under pressure.


First she plays with a zombie outside that Carol comes outside and kills. Lizzie says that Carol doesn’t understand and states “What about I kill you?” If that isn’t creepy enough, she kills a rat and feeds it to a walker that she told Tyreese earlier “I know we have to kill him, but he doesn’t have to die.” Mika follows her to see it and then she tries to turn herself! Abruptly after, walkers show up and she pulls out her gun to save the day. It also seems that she has a personality disorder that switches on when she’s in danger. Tyreese and Carol show up to help Mika who gets caught in the fence. Afterwards, they act like everything is okay and even Mika has found a doll to play with. Carol asks Lizzie if she understands now and Lizzie creepily replies “Yes, now I know what I have to do.” Carol obviously does not find it as an indication that there is still a severe problem with the girl.

In between takes on what is happening with Lizzie, Tyreese and Carol have a moment out in the woods where Tyreese says he hasn’t been sleeping because he keeps dreaming of Karen in his dream. He asks who could of killed her and why. If you have already watched most of the season you realize that she has killed Karen so the irony ensues. He says something about he’s glad he can trust her and she gets a look of guilt and utter bewilderment on her face. They hug and it almost seems as if she is going to confess, but she decides against it.

The cruelest part is that when Carol and Tyreese get back from having their bonding moment, to their complete and utter terror to find Lizzie with a bloody knife standing in front of her dead sister Mika who is lying on the ground covered in blood. She has just killed her own sister to prove some ludicrous irrational fantasy in her head!  Not only that, but that she was about to “help” Judith too! The only reason she doesn’t go over to Judith is because carol tells her she can’t even walk yet.  I honestly do not know how Carol kept her cool, I would have lost it. Lizzie even pulls a gun, which Carol gets Lizzie to give to her.  Carol tells her to take Judith and go inside with Tyreese while she says she will tie Mika up to wait for her to “come back”. I personally wouldn’t want her anywhere around the baby.


The next scene she is talking to Tyreese about what they should do with Lizzie. It’s amazing to me how far Lizzie had to go before they really realized there was a problem. Two instances were surpassed, and finally a little girl who was Lizzie’s own sister has to die before they realize the severity of the situation. They contemplate leaving each other with her while one takes the baby which they deem wouldn’t work out. Tyreese introduces the idea of leaving her there which Carol quickly dismisses.

The reason that was never mentioned was mostly because of how inhumane it would be to leave her alone to fend for herself. She could do one or two things. One is leaving her behind would be leaving her to fend for herself and she would become even more dangerous or even deadly. “She can’t be around other people.” Carol keeps saying this and it is a statement that rings true. Say she lives there and can live off of pecans and some unexpected family or traveler happens to come upon the place. Who says that she wouldn’t try to kill them and turn them too? She could also end up following them, which could turn into a revenge scheme which could result in her becoming even more vicious. So her logic hit the nail right on the head.

Honestly contrary to what most people think about the situation the decision Carol comes to be the most logical answer. However brutal it is they decide to end the madness there. This is a hard decision to Carol to what most people think. These girls have been the closest thing to family that she has had since losing Sophia. She ends up walking Lizzie out in the field while Tyreese watches in horror from the window. Lizzie’s brain still does not comprehend the horror of what she has just done. She thinks her actions were justified and that her sister would just return. When she sees the look on Carol’s face, she reads it as a disappointment. She says “Are you mad at me for pulling a gun on you?” She still doesn’t realize the look of pain in Carol’s eyes as the decision of what she has to do is weighing heavily on her heart. Lizzie starts going on a rant of how she’s sorry for pulling a gun on Carol.

Lizzie starts to have one of her panic episodes which is heart wrenching as Carol mutters the words that Mika used to say to her to calm her down “Look at the flowers, Lizzie. Just look at the flowers.” As Lizzie looks at the flowers, trying to calm down, Lizzie realizes her sister was the only one who could calm her down so she just keeps panicking and staring. Then you see the heart wrenching moment as Carol lifts her gun. It seems like she’s struggling with losing what she thought was going to be her newfound family. Mika was gone and she’s losing everything. Her idea of having a family is now diminished. In the last moment you see a twinge of remorse and most likely imagining her daughter, and then she pulls the trigger.


The last and final scene shows Carol and Tyreese sitting at a table where they seem to be drinking and trying to put a puzzle together. This is ironic in itself because they are trying to piece the puzzle of Lizzie together. In a moment, though you can see Guilt and sadness in Carol’s eyes as she pushes a gun to Tyreese and finally tells him what she has done. She killed Karen. Honestly, I think after killing Lizzie, she felt so bad herself for what she had done and the pain she had caused Tyreese. She realized that she thought herself no better than Lizzie combined with losing everything in one day she didn’t deserve and maybe didn’t even want to live.


Tyreese squeezes the table and you think he’s going to grab the gun for a moment, but instead tells her that he forgives her. In that moment I think he realizes that she’s been carrying this guilt around and it finally comes out as her decision for Lizzie’s fate had set in. She explained to him that she was trying to stop the spreading of the virus. I think in that moment he finally realizes that what Carol does is for the good of all. Carol has already lost so much, but after losing everything she finally realizes that she does have some humanity left in her and that like Mika said that all things do work out in the end.

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