This is a Public Service Announcement presented by your friends here at The Buzz Kill Magazine.

Double, Double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. I believe that we have all heard that line from Macbeth or if you are an Olsen Twins movie fan but I wonder what is truly in that said pot? I got to thinking about certain people in my life and realized what they put in that giant black pot. The one thing that loves to be stirred more than anything in the world….. Drama. Does it not make you sad that when you become friends with someone, that at first everything is fine? You are going to movies, having dinner, getting mani and pedis, the usual things that friends would do in a situation like this. However, in a complete shot out of left field, all of a sudden they start to remind of you of the things that you hate about high school. If we wanted to deal with crazy exes, we would still have updated Myspace accounts but that is just not the case. We want to live our lives each day and be able to end it with smile. But instead we end up surrounding ourselves with people who thrive on drama each day. It’s like an addiction to cocaine or death metal. It doesn’t make sense but it’s done because it makes a person feel good. Do the few of you that love to stir up drama, get your rocks off at seeing others in misery? Before you answer yes, because you have weird fetishes, please remember that karma is not just a stripper that has a C-section scar and saggy boobs. So before you want to give someone’s number to their ex, or say that these people are sleeping together, or not be able to keep a secret, remember that Karma is going to show randomly up one day and fuck you in the ass without lube. Now cue the More You Know graphic and remember to make sure that you have KY on you at all times because chances are you will need it.