Bullies are possibly one of the most hated cliques in society over the spans of the continents.  We who have been bullied know why however, the people who bully seems to think it’s a perfectly normal way to express them self and for the life of them can’t figure out why they don’t have any real friends.  Seriously, how do you not understand the simple concept that you don’t have friends because you’re mean to everyone?  I hate to break it to you ass hats out there, but fear is NOT any kind of foundation to build a friendship with.  Anyone with a lick of damned sense and morals would know this!  I will apologize in advance for how strong of a rant this may be.  Having been a victim of this in school and even as an adult, it’s likely that I will use the word hate a lot, despite how strong of a word I find it to be, and my dislike for it.

the-bully-bustersSo this is for the parents of bullies: What in the fuck is wrong with you?  Have you no morals or is it that you have so little time for your children that you don’t know what their everyday life is like?  Do you have no real sense of what kind of person you’re molding?  Raising a decent human being to leave behind for society when your time is done is NOT rocket science!!!  I say this as a mother whom has made a life of terrible decisions, and doesn’t even live with her children on a daily basis, yet still has managed to raise children with good morals, kind hearts, and enough common sense that they know taking their anger out on someone else is NOT an option.  Is it so hard to pay attention to the child that YOU brought into this world?  Are you so unsupportive and obtuse that you can’t figure out the likely reason they take their anger out on others is because they get no love at home?  Is it so hard to teach them to do unto others and they wish others would do unto them?  I really don’t fucking think it is!  Wake up people, your children can’t raise themselves, they learn from love, support, AND by example.  Don’t be a damned dead beat cunt pickle of a role model, leaving the rest of us to clean up the mess that your piss-poor parenting has caused in the way of destroying our children’s esteem with their harsh words and physically abusive acts.

Anyways, I don’t even know where to start about what I hate about bullies, so I’ll just dive in.  Yes, hate is a strong word, but bullies are something I hate with a passion.  I don’t hate the people as human beings, but I hate their actions and crippling words, and the fact that they probably weren’t taught any better.  That being said, let’s move forward to the top reasons I hate bullies.  For one, they’re mean, and often violent.  Secondly, they’re self centered, often self – righteous ass hats with no sense of piety, and are probably mind numbingly obtuse to anyone else’s ACTUAL situation.  Thirdly, they’re unable to empathize in any way, shape or form.  If I had to guess, many are likely to end up in jail or prison for acts of violence, or as a drug addict in the street begging for change in their adult life; begging for help from the very same people they degraded in the earlier years.  Kind of ironic, isn’t it?

stay-strong-and-stop-bullyingBullies are ruining bright, happy kids from loving homes everywhere, causing them to doubt themselves, cry themselves to sleep, draining their confidence, and self love.  The shitty thing is that it’s in the name of establishing their ‘alpha’ status, and also wanting to be accepted, or understood.  Sorry fucktards, but the joke is on you this time, because you’re not really establishing how ‘alpha’ you are at all, but simply showing the world how truly small minded and idiotic that you truly are.  That doesn’t make friends, it make enemies, how that is misconstrued is beyond me.  Breaking someone else down doesn’t accomplish anything, so fuck you, for thinking that you’re helping weed out the weakest links.  Maybe you should talk to your parents about this, unless they’re complete chodes, they will likely enlighten you on this insight.  In all reality, we’re stronger, and we will overcome your shit, so for the love of whomever you believe in just quit trying!!!  Life will kick even your greatest envied arc enemy of grade school in the ass soon enough, so let it be, and don’t be the reason he/she commits suicide.  I can promise you, that guilt WILL fuck with your mind for the rest of your life, forcing you to feel how much you made someone else feel.  I’ll guess that you won’t think you’re so damn cool then will you?

To the bullied victims of such ridiculous, unfathomable, unnecessary ass hattery, I encourage you to seek out help.  Stand up for yourself, but do it with kindness.  Talk to your parents, school counselors, your best friend, whoever you feel safest with confiding in.  Do not let the cunt pickles intimidate you with their small, closed, demented minds because treating them the same may get you even, but also makes you nothing more than a bully yourself.  Rise above the hate, take that anger and channel it into something positive.  Let it be the reason that you teach your children and grandchildren about love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and above all, acceptance.  Use it to become a better person, for the love of all that is holy do not let it make you fall into that undesirable category of miserably negative and unproductive part of society.  Cry out the hurt if you must, but DON’T EVER let it keep you down.  Let it be the reason you open your pretty eyes and bleed compassion towards others who bully you.  Exude love and encouragement towards others, even your enemies.  Open your heart to them in an attempt to help them see that they don’t have to be so alone, because sometimes all that it takes is someone to stop and try to understand you.  Give second chances, they may have a problem too, but not parents who have time for them.  Always remember that you are beautiful no matter what anyone says.  There are no freaks in this world, just people from many different ways of thinking and doing.  Remember that words are just that, and though they may hurt, they will not kill you unless you allow them to.