Tired of seeing the old stuff you enjoy become brand new? I think it is time for a Flashback. This is our newest featured piece here on The Magazine and I have to say this one should be a lot of fun. We do a lot with Retro music around here, but there is so much more to that time that you grew up. The fashions, the shows, the movies, the fads, the toys, and the list could go on and on. In this article, you will see videos, and write ups that will give a sense of Nostalgia or what in the world was I thinking. In this very first edition, we are starting off with a video.

Today, we are going to be heading back to the year 1985 and kick it off with a show that a lot of you won’t remember until you watch the theme song video. The show took place in a restaurant type hangout place. Of course, what show with teens in the 80s didn’t? If you guessed this was Saved by the Bell, you are not thinking obscure enough for my taste. The employees were all kids. Child labor laws must have not existed in the 80s. What did these kids do beside serve food and make milkshakes all the time? They put on a concert in front of a crowd of 7 to 10. Think theme park musical that shows every three hours. Have an idea yet? No. This show launched the careers of Fergie, Mario Lopez and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I am guessing you have no clue what the show is by the puzzled look on your face. The show ran the Disney Channel until it was cancelled in 1994. The show I am talking about is the one and only Kids Incorporated.


If you want cheese, this show had it. This show was Glee, but without the storylines and the teachers and acting ability. They sang songs that were big for the day. That makes it like Glee, right? So for your pleasure, here is the theme video and an episode that was found on YouTube.

What was I thinking? When I have kids, I am making them watch this. No Arguments.