I really have been thinking about this and thought what a great video to post today. Have you ever been around those people that get their rocks off destroying other peoples existences? You meet them and they seem like the greatest things since powdered toast. The next day they have completely changed saying that you are the reason their goldfish died when they were 8. There is a name for these type of people besides being exes, they are called sociopaths. Maybe, I am wrong here but it seems to me that most of these people tend to do the online dating scene which gives a bad name to online daters. I think that there needs to be a dating site that is dedicated to the asshole who thinks their shit don’t stink and makes up a persona. Well, there is such a dating site out there. It is called, Sociopath Dating. Now, you can make someone cry and you don’t even have to do it alone. Just watch this video and if you happen to run into an ex of mine, tell them I said Hi.


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Richard Pruitt

I am Richard and I have a problem. A problem with entertaining people. I have been in the comedy world for over 10 years. I started out as an improv actor making fun and light of everything. Doing that felt rewarding, but I have to admit, I wanted more. I couldn’t get the taste of performing out of my mouth. Does that not sound a little creepy? I decided to start doing my own stand up show. I love to make fun of my family and anything that will make a normal person say what the fuck. The journey still continues, in 2009, I had a dream to create my own online magazine. This is the beautiful corner of craziness in front of you. I have been through hell in my life but being stopped is something that I will not let happen. I am a fighter and hope to make people realize it is ok to smile and think from time to time. It also helps being a nerd.