So I have to get this out of the way right now, I have been nerding out all week long to something. It has brought a bit of nostalgia in my life that I feel that was very much needed, plus it helps that I am getting amped for Sunday. What is it that I am talking about? I can tell that it is not that car show that has the wonderful, SUNDAY!!! SUNDAY!!!! SUNDAY!!! Ad. I am talking about Wrestlemania 30 live on the WWE Network. I have admitted before and I will admit again. I am a wrestling fan and I will have to say that I am a proud one at that. I will get into that a little bit more with a special Wrestlemania Nerdgasm coming up this weekend. However, we have to get the party started. I remember growing up during the “attitude era” and having a crush on a lot of the women that were gracing the screen on a weekly basis. It’s funny to think that one of those women is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. So I thought, you know, nothing gets the blood pumping like seeing women beating each other up. It also helps that you are featured on a reality show on the E! Network. The next inductees into the Hall of Hotties are a first for the hall and a very happy first if I say so myself. We are kicking off Wrestlemania themed weekend with twins. Ladies and Gentlemen, Hall of Hotties is proud to induct, The Bella Twins.

1555528_588378981235847_1053088745_nNikki and Brie Bella are the 30 year old ass kicking sex kittens that can be seen each and every Monday Night on WWE Raw. However, wrestling was not their first exposure to the spotlight. The twins moved from Arizona to San Diego to attend school. The two of them both had a passion for playing soccer. I am thinking kicking balls are just in the veins of being a female wrestler in the WWE. A year later the Bella’s decided to move to LA to pursue a job in modeling. Their first real gig was on the Fox show Meet My Folks. If I were to bring home Nikki or Brie, my father would become the most jealous man in America. I am not sure what would happen. Either he would be truly proud or he would try to steal them from me. I can honestly see both happening without batting an eyelash. The gig with Fox landed them a job being the World Cup Girls or Budweiser during the 2006 World Cup. Makes me wonder if Daniel Bryan or John Cena ever yells out goalllllllllllllllllll!!!!!????

379230_433451283395285_1819445809_nIt wasn’t till the year 2007 that the fans of WWE would get to meet the beautiful duo. It was during something at the time that all of us fans completely hated but enjoyed watching. I don’t care what kind of fan you are. We hated and loved the diva search at the same time. Eventually the two would be sent to Florida to train to become members of the WWE. On September 15, 2007 the Bella would have their first match in FCW and they would get the win. Want to know else got the win that night? Boys just hitting puberty. In August of 08, Brie debuted on SmackDown and would do a little “Twin Magic” and make the old bait and switch happen. This has to be hard if you date twins. What if they pull the old switcheroo? Is it cheating or swinging? Just wondering.

Since then both Nikki and Briehave won the Diva’s championship on one occasion. Now, the twins are doing more than just wrestling. They are part of one of the biggest reality shows in Total Divas. We are getting to see the curtain pulled back and see a glimpse into their road and private lives. Nikki is dating the face of the company, John Cena. Looks like one Bella is getting a five knuckle shuffle. I got a dirty wrestling joke in. I think that cements my chances are never happening. Brie is dating WWE superstar Daniel Bryan. Do you ever think that Daniel Bryan puts her in a submission hold and she screams, Yes! Yes! Yes!

424934_285942444812837_2025992089_nIn all seriousness, The Bella Twins do a lot of work for charity and are some of the best role models that young women need in today’s times. They are a pair of hard working ladies that came from not knowing the business at all to be some of the most loved divas the WWE has had in many years. We are proud to induct Nikki and Brie Bella into The Hall of Hotties. If the two of you ever read this, please do not hurt me too bad, I may like it too much.