This is going to be an interesting Retro Video to write. First of all I am going to tap into my roots. Something that I have not done very often. My reasoning is because there is some weird shit tapping into my background. I feel like a puppy that has hidden a bone or a dead body. Someday I may dig up something that I do not want to remember like my first marriage. There is a business that my family is very proud of and I have to say that I am too. My family has a history of driving big rigs, trucks, not my ex-wife. If it hauls stuff and has enough light to give a normal person a seizure, it is going to get one of their hearts going to a point that it may not quit. I think the truck driver is the last of the true blue cowboy. I know you did this as a kid, hell, I still do this as an adult without even thinking. I know you moved your arm up and down to get a truck driver to sound their horns. That had to be one of the coolest things as a kid on the school bus. You get a truck driver to do that, you my friend had bragging rights for the rest of the trip. Somehow, I thought today it would be appropriate to rock a little country music. Remember that these men and women give up time with their families to bring that Urkel Alarm Clock that you ordered off Amazon. Remember to say thank you. Remember their life is nothing but 18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses.