Kiss. Aerosmith. Motley Crue. Kansas. Ke$ha. All of these artists are successful, but why? Could it be there crazy makeup, or stage attire? Maybe and just maybe there music speaks for itself, but not as a much as a certain band from the 90s. There stardom and amazing beats started with a gig that was got from there wannabe manager at the time. No one would have ever thought that at Randi Jo’s sweet 16 would launch a band that would melt your heart each time you heard them take to the stage. I have to say when you think of the 90s and the greatest bands of that era, this band has to come off tongue as the first one mentioned. I may not be a surfer, but this song spoke to me. This band were lyricist of a generation. Sly Winkle was able to book them one time and the rest is history. I know that tonight when I lay my head on my pillow, I know that I will be California Dreamin.