We have all done it! Some do it daily and some not so often but we all do it. We Share! We share on Facebook, we share on Twitter, we share on YouTube, and any other social media site we have access to. As social creatures by nature, we all get the urge to share parts of our lives with others. Today’s technology makes sharing so easy and openly accepted but let’s be honest…some people could share a little bit less. I’m the first to admit that I have been known to post things that would make you wonder if I have finally loaded the crazy train headed straight for La La Land. There are things on all social media sites that will make you cry with laughter or drop your jaw in confusion. Either way, I plan on sharing. So welcome to Shamelessly Social where I will bring you the most outrageous comments, posts, and pages that social media has to offer. Join me and hey…feel free to share!

viral-picI have to start Shamelessly Social with a news story that has went viral, causing heads to shake everywhere. An Arizona mother posted a very lucid picture of herself lying on her back while breast feeding her twin infants. The picture is anything but modest. The image clearly shows her body from the waist up, stretch marks covering her abdomen. In the attached comment, the mother profanely expresses how bearing children can have many down sides and that it’s all worth it to see your children happy and healthy. She comments on the toll it takes on your sex life and your body. I agree that children make all of these things worth it and I can also see how sharing this picture would help in lowering the teen pregnancy rate but WHY? Just why! Why would someone send a picture like that into the open abyss, that we know as the world wide web, for anyone to see? I am a mother who is…let’s say… “comfortable” with my body but I don’t think I could share something so personal and intimate with complete strangers. This picture is a must see and then I’m sure you will agree that some people share a little too much. Next time on Shamelessly Social, I will introduce you to a few criminals who just can’t help themselves when it comes to sharing.