The only show on the internet that can leave you needing a home is back on the air. Tonight, we dive into what happened last week in a situation that doesn’t make sense to anyone. Even the big guy upstairs was left scratching his head. Have you ever been accused of cheating and had Easter Eggs thrown at your head? If you answered yes, one of the many stories during headlines is about you. We also talk about somebody dropping a number two on a slide, and a guy who made a hotel lobby a shitty situation. In today’s Nerd Debate, we talk about why female heroes do not get the love they deserve, and celebrate a little bit of 4/20 aftermath. Who would you have a toke with? And to continue with one of those things that is only funny on 4/21, we do a lot of one liners, called Can I Get A Rimshot? One of the hosts apologizes to their mother, an awkward superhero and a poem for potheads. If you want to take this week’s show on the go with you, you can find us on iTunes under The Buzz Kill Live or click the giant word otherwise, kick back grab a drink and enjoy The Most Random Show on The Net.