There is a feeling in the air and guess what it is, we are turning 22. In this edition of the most random show on the net, we discuss a biker who lost his teeth on the highway. Out next installment of Sex Sent Me To The ER. We take a look at a woman who turns to Craigslist to find the love of her life, too bad that love is a horse. We ask a question in this week’s nerd debate that will blow your mind. Do women get penis envy? We look at this question, from a man and woman’s point of view. Stefon talks about his love lost and helps with your summer grilling techniques. Also one host gets violently attacked by the other in the form of a beat down WWE style. You can download the show through iTunes if you search for The Buzz Kill Live or if you are on a mobile device, just click . Otherwise, just kick back and relax to the most random show on the net, The Buzz Kill Live.