The Truth About Facebook

fbookskksFacebook has become one of the biggest social networks, even bigger than Myspace ever was. We spend most of our lives on this site reading stories and statuses of everyday life. It’s the way we keep up with our family, friends, and even old high school peers. Our obsession with this site is quite scary to think about. Our friends on social media have become part of our daily routine, but sometimes our online friends aren’t always our friends in real life. I’ve had friends on Facebook who completely ignore me in real life or just talking to them is just awkward in real life. This article is about the kind of people you have on your Facebook my nicknames for them.

The Chatter

We all have that one friend who is that person who you can talk on chat or have conversations about each other’s status, but when you meet in real life they completely ignore you. Sometimes there is a good reason for it, like maybe you have changed a lot and they haven’t recognized you. Sometimes they may be busy and barely notice you. Sometimes they altogether want to avoid the awkwardness of a conversation. I know myself, I may be so wrapped up in a situation I will just see someone and think later hey, that was so-and-so and think that person probably really thinks I am rude. When a person outright ignores you and does not pay attention to you I would try to delete that person from my Facebook. I call them fake Facebook friends.

The Childhood Bully

I have some Facebook friends who used to pick on me in high school and make fun of me because I was different. The only reason I have added them after a request is because no matter how they treated me in high school, that was a different time and people change. I have changed quite a bit since high school. I used to be overweight and dropped a lot of it. I have travelled and learned that my small town isn’t the only option for me. I have learned in giving people second chances and leave the past in the past. Sometimes bullies can be a rather sensitive childhood memory, but I believe if you look at the situation in a different light you don’t have to fear that time of your life. Also, some of them may have met karma on the road and see in a different way altogether and you just haven’t realized it.

Friends of Friends

Nothing drives me crazier than the who you may know section on Facebook. Mostly it’s people I don’t know and honestly don’t care to get to know. Rarely, though I may find someone added me who hangs out with someone I know or knew. Sometimes that actually turns out to be pretty rad. So no matter what you think I’m not telling you to add everyone who tries to add you… There are some straight up freaks out there. I’m just saying sometimes it’s ok to give someone a chance. I have found some pretty cool fellow nerd friends that way.

The Flirt

I know more than most there is that one friend that you usually end up deleting later that is just a flirt. Even the fact that you have a significant other doesn’t even deter them. They will try to talk to you every time you are online. I’ve even had to hide my online status so that they can’t see me. They can be quite stalker-like. Sometimes they just say something that offends you or comments on every photo some odd or raunchy compliment. They always have to post something pretty nasty on a status or just downright rude. The only thing they are trying to do is get in your pants and usually that is all they want if you know what I mean. Delete them right away; they are just a player anyway.

The Bible Thumper

This person out of all the Facebook types pisses me off. Not the ones that share photos about their beliefs, but the one that when you post something that you believe strongly about they have to put in their religious two cents. I’m not an arguing person, but I do believe in respecting different views of other people. I don’t believe in cramming religion down everyone’s throat if they don’t want to hear it. My parents did it my whole life and it made me quite resentful. They always think that they are right and you are wrong. They will even quote verses (usually from the Old Testament) to prove their beliefs. I believe in letting people believe what they want to. We moved to a country with a freedom of religion and speech. If I really wanted to hear what they wanted to say I would go to church. These are the most negative people on the internet these days.

The Ghosts

I put ghosts plural because there seem to be a lot of these on Facebook lately. It drives me crazy. I have so many friends that I never hear from. They barely posts statuses, don’t talk to you, and they don’t like anything or comment on anything. At first I thought it was just a bunch of people just quit using their Facebook, but after a while you see them just watch people which are quite creepy if I might say so myself. I have probably a hundred friends that have a Facebook that never use it. It makes me ask why they made one in the first place! I understand even Facebook has messed up where we can’t even see most peoples statuses, but there are still people that have a Facebook that just use it to see what everyone else is doing with their lives.

You may have some Facebook friends who even are there for you and you’ve known your whole life. The fact is that Facebook is a different friendship society than we were used to growing up with. Just think about the children that were born in this era and that’s all they will ever know. It does let you meet people you have never met before, but it also can be a haven for fake friends. We as a society have lost our ability to determine friend from foe and it is time we remember who is really there when you need them. So go and delete some friends that you never talk to because even having fake friends on Facebook can emit plenty of negativity.

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