Welcome to the return of the Midnight Music Video. This is where you are going to get to hear the bands and artists of tomorrow. I have been really excited about writing this MNV for the week. I get to go back to my roots for a minute. I grew up in the small town of El Dorado Springs MO. Our claim to fame is an actual running spring that could have cured any ailment that a person could have. Trust me, it didn’t work. There was not a lot for us to do around that place. I think going to a Wal Mart 20 miles away seemed to be the cure for any boredom. However it is one of those town that you can become stuck in, if you do not watch yourself. Trust me. It’s because of the water. I love seeing anyone go for their dreams especially from a small town. And tonight the video we are featuring is from Kamber Cain. I want you to remember that name. I am going to call it now, within the next 5 years, you will be telling people all about her. She has an amazing voice and a great stage presence that is needed for the world of country music. I am guessing there Ain’t Nothin Like A Night Like This to hype up the future of country music. See what I did there?

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