Hello, BuzzKill folks. Sorry it’s been so long since my last article. I recently started a new job and, as it’s been so long since I last worked, I’ve been pretty exhausted. Blah.

What I would like to discuss with you today is what it’s like to move to a new place where you know nobody. I did this recently and it sucks.

1 rI’ve always considered myself a pretty sociable person. I love hanging out with others, especially when they lean towards the geeky side of things. I have many interests, some of them wildly different than what most people would expect upon meeting me. For instance: I love Star Wars. And Sailor Moon. When I heard they were rebooting Sailor Moon, I SQUEED. Loudly and with great gusto.

When I lived in Phoenix, finding people with the same or similar interests was as easy as going to the Bookman’s (a local Arizona used book/movie/you name it reseller) or one of the many comic book shops. If that didn’t float the proverbial boat, there were always a dozen different fan groups like the Arizona Browncoats or the 501st. Of course, the pinnacle event of the year is the Phoenix ComiCon, which has been growing every single year.

The point is that if a person had a geek itch, there was somebody around to scratch it and they weren’t hard to find.

At the start of this year, I moved to a small southern city. There’s one comic book shop, but their hours are so completely out of synch with my schedule, that it’s pretty much impossible to go when they’re open. So, I can’t go there to meet people.

Family has recommended going online to see if there are any groups in the area that might fit the bill. I’ve tried that to no avail. All of the groups I’ve found are located several hours drive from where I live and they usually meet during the week. Since both my fiancée and I work, that’s a no-go.

As for conventions, there just aren’t any in my state. There are some in Tennessee, Florida, and Missouri, but those are a trek (get it??) that we just don’t have the time off available for or money to get there.

2 lI guess what I’m trying to say is that it gets pretty lonely when I’m used to being a big-city geek girl. What’s a lady to do when I once had all the joys of my fandoms in my backyard and now they’re several hours away from me?

I keep trying, that’s what. I have never been one to give up easily and without a fight. Circumstances tend to suck in life. Sometimes it can seem like everything is going wrong in every aspect of life. Sometimes it is. But guess what; it gets better, but not without effort. Now that I’m working again, we have a tiny bit more money (working part time for minimum wage isn’t great, y’all) so we’ll be able to get out a little more. The weather is changing now, too. We aren’t iced into our homes, so people are getting out more. Hopefully, more events will start happening in my new little city.

So, I guess what I’d like you all to take away from this is: Do any of my readers live in the Jonesboro, Arkansas area? Seriously, I need friends.

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**Sailor Vader Picture credit to LadyGeekGirl. Visit her kick-ass blog: http://ladygeekgirl.wordpress.com/

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Hi. My name is Michelle and I like to read things and play video games and watch movies. Terry Brooks, Anne Bishop, and Robert Jordan changed my life with each new book they released. I love Star Wars, Zelda, Bioshock, LoTR, and absolutely anything Joss Whedon. I’m crafty and love to tangle with yarn for knitting or fabric for sewing.

I recently moved to Jonesboro, AR from Phoenix, AZ. While I lived in Phoenix, I worked for Phoenix ComiCon as a programming coordinator. My area was Whedonverse and I was responsible for all things Whedon. I worked closely with the Arizona Browncoats and I was responsible for coming up with all the panel ideas for Whedonverse, staffing those panels with panelists, and recruiting and maintaining several minions (otherwise known as volunteers). One of my favorite responsibilities was writing up the descriptions for each panel. It was so much fun thinking up creative ways to say “This panel is about who’s better: Angel or Spike.” As I’m sure you know, Spike is totally the better vampire.

I’ve also begun exploring cosplay. I started off simple with a Faith costume one year. I look enough like Eliza Dushku (though without the banging bod) that it was pretty easy to manage. I’ve done a custom Sith Lord costume in recent years, as well. Before I learned to sew, my fiancée made the skirts for me. I was ashamed that he could sew and I couldn’t, so I learned by making my own Elizabeth Comstock costume. I did everything but the corset and I’m still receiving compliments for that project.

Writing is something I’ve always been interested in pursing, but I’ve never had the guts. I think I’d like to change that. If you stick around and read the articles Buzz Kill has been kind enough to post, I promise to try to entertain and inform. We’ll talk about life, the universe, hobbies, games, and general geekery. Maybe, if you’re good, I’ll even throw in some original writing. Care to take me up on it?