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school%20adult[2]This week I bring you a story of wishful youth. Have you ever wished that you could redo your teenage years? A time when life was carefree and full of hope. Charity Johnson, 31, of Longview, TX did more than wish for it. She made it happen. Charity posed as fifteen-year-old orphan who had previously been home schooled. Tamera Lincoln, a nearby resident, took Charity into her home after believing that the girl was an orphan. Lincoln enrolled her as a sophomore at New Life Christian school where Charity gave an alias name and provided the school with documents indicating that she was a fifteen-year-old girl. After Lincoln began to question the situation, she contacted the local police. Imagine their surprise when they realized that she was actually a grown woman. For eight months, Charity was able to pull off this youthful gimmick. Oh, to be that young, twice!

cop%20starbucks[3]Starbucks  has become an American favorite. It’s one of the best places to get coffee made any way you want, breakfast to start your day off right, and tables occupied with half-naked men. At least that is what you might see in the Starbucks in Camden, New Jersey. Lt. Benito Gonzalez, a 17 year veteran of the local police force, was relieved from his duties and charged with disorderly lewdness after the police were called after Lt. Gonzalez sat at a table in the local Starbucks, pulled his pants down, and began masturbating. Maybe Starbucks didn’t serve the type of cream he wanted in his coffee. I bet the locals will never look at that seat again without thinking of “The cop who came to Starbucks.”

Sisters are supposed to be close and they learn how to share at an early age. Amy and Becky Glass are identical twins who take sharing to a different level. These 46-year-old twins from New Jersey have always shared everything. The live in the same room, in the same house, own the same business together, and have even shared boyfriends. These twins share every aspect of life together. They wear the same clothes and even eat the same food, bite for bite, in order to keep the same body type. One does not go on a date without the other. Everything about these ladies is the same and that’s how they like it. Personally, I would hate to know that there was another person in this world exactly like me. I like my individuality but if that’s what they like, then I say “Share away Ladies”.  Check them out and see what all they share at the link below.





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