I am really tired of seeing all the negativity in the world. I think that we need a jolt of happiness every once in a while that can take our minds off our own problems. Welcome to the debut of In The Feels. In this article we are going to take a look at those feel good stories that you may have missed because CNN just wants to keep telling you what is happening with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

I was looking at my Facebook when I discovered this story about a very depressed goat. This goat was not living in the best conditions. His previous owner was an animal hoarder. This person just collects as many animals as they can. It is not a bad thing on paper because they think they are helping out. In all honesty, these people are doing more harm than good to the animals. Well, this goat that goes by Mr. G, made the best of friend with a burro named Jellybean. They were inseparable. Until, the hoarder lost all of the animals. The friendship was broken apart. The burro was adopted by one place and the goat by another. However, the goat would fall into a deep state of depression, just like a human would if they lost their best friend. The goat did not eat or even get up for 6 straight days. Due to the heart of one amazing volunteer, they decided to reunite the best of friends. After a 14 hour drive round trip, then two were reunited and the I have to say that this video will hit you right in the feels.