Here’s an awesome subject that really tends to get me going, the LGBT community and its controversies. Don’t take this the wrong way because it’s something that I support. So much so I decided that being a gay man wasn’t nearly as much fun as it would be to be a transgender woman. I guess what wasn’t entirely brought to light in my bio is that I am formerly Paul Andrew. Peony Ann is a name I chose for myself when I decided I no longer wanted to have a dick bigger than my brother’s or future ex husband’s. Sure, I miss my penis, but these new tits are really awesome and are quite favored versus the alternative. Being ‘straight’ is far too over rated and boring. Why settle for vanilla when there are so many other flavors to choose from?

1726052_origAnyways, let’s dive into this like it was a muff diving excursion. WTF is the problem with being ‘gay’ Anyways?! Who the fuck do people think they are preaching against it? Seriously, I think it’s ridiculous. So two girls or two guys love each other, big deal. Is it really so much different from having friends of the same sex? I think fucking not, so get the hell over it. LGBT is not all rainbows and butterflies, nor is it a fucking ‘choice’ like some would like to think and it’s not a mental illness. Why does everything have to be a ‘mental illness’ these days anyhow? Please tell me how in the bloody blue hell you’re going to create a drug that makes people who are attracted to the same sex be attracted to the opposite sex. Who are they really bothering? Tell me how it is wrong to love another person for their heart, mind, body and soul. I don’t think that you really can. Those of you who hate on this community of people are astoundingly small minded. Great big sharks with teeny tiny brains just waiting to snap off a piece of someone’s self esteem because you are as shallow as the mud puddle in my driveway, and your heart is likely just as murky. You’re about as useful as Batman’s sidekick who I think was called Robin maybe? I don’t know because he’s NOT at all that memorable. No one will remember you as anything but the haters, with Nazi like tendencies wanting to create this ‘perfect’ race of heterosexuals. Hey, you ass hats, being gay or lesbian is NOT a religion, nor is it a choice and you will fail at destroying them much like Hitler failed in destroying all of the Jews.

As a little girl in this whole labeling thing was something I just couldn’t understand. In my innocent little mind labels were for things like canned goods and milk cartons or a package of meat in the deli, and professions, NOT for the people. In fact other than boy, girl, married, or divorced, I was unaware of how many labels there really were in the world. I think I was maybe eight or nine years old when the word ‘gay’ came into my vocabulary. It happened when one of my very first ‘boyfriends’ who was called gay in a schoolyard argument. He was a scrawny kid who didn’t really hang out with too many people, he liked bow ties, and he liked to stay clean, and was a happy kid. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with being a happy person, or why being called a happy person was so hurtful. Much to my surmise even my beloved Superman couldn’t save me from the harshness I learned about the world in that year. Spiderman was pretty useless too, as there were no webs of safety to catch a little broken heart to keep it from shattering because of how mean the world around me had suddenly become. I later asked my school librarian why being called gay was so hurtful not knowing that he himself was of that very same variety. I figured if anyone would know the answers to my questions it would be the librarian because they’ve read all of those books, that’s why they always knew so much information. (I sincerely miss the innocence of my earlier thought process) Imagine my shock when I was told it wasn’t an appropriate question to ask at school and I should have a chat with my parents about it. So I did. I sought out the answer asking my mother, grandfather, stepfather, and various adults. I always got one answer or another. One that gays were despicable fags and didn’t belong in society, or the softer version of gays are people of the same gender that love each other. Again, I didn’t know what a fag was, so I looked it up and found that in the dictionary it was a slang word for cigarette. Sure, cigarettes are gross, but what did that have to do with anything? From then on I just assumed dad and grandpa didn’t have a clue and just wanted me out of the way. Sure, my mom’s version didn’t make sense to me either, but I preferred that one. I STILL do. Then and there I said goodbye to my blissful ignorance, searching out new information with a now befuddled yet inquisitive mind on the subject.

As I have grown up, and figured out what those labels really meant it’s made me angry, sad, and just plain disappointed in the human race. It’s like getting a fucking Hot Wheels car in your happy meal when you wanted the Barbie one, or the weird look you get as a kid asking to exchange it because you’re a boy and look like you should want what they gave you. Then and there, I knew people sucked and I’d struggle most of my life to fit in somewhere. I thought that being different was a good thing, but the rest of the world didn’t. Now, as an adult I still get stark raving mad at folks who are all about judging you by your cover like you’re some random comic book written in a foreign language. Yes, some of us look like a girl, and may even feel like one, but I bet that my dick that I keep in a jar on a shelf is bigger than your dad’s. I can promise that my new tits, no matter how fake, are still more beautiful than the minds of you judgmental pricks that are reading this getting pissed that it’s been touched on yet again by another person with a voice. I give zero fucks what you think. I’d say grow a pair, but they’re far too sensitive, and can’t take near the pounding that my new vagina can.

Gender black22I think that the labels are ridiculous and hateful. I think being of an alternative lifestyle is a beautiful thing. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing the right wing conservatives and ‘Christians’ say that being gay is wrong, or that alternative couples don’t deserve equal rights to marry. Hey, Easter isn’t really a ‘Christian’ holiday but you’re still celebrating it as your own. That said, why is it so wrong for people of the same sex to be celebrating their love as if they were a man and a woman just because they both have the same genitalia? OH, YEAH that’s right, because much of said communities are fucking hypocrites. When it comes to this subject they want to get all biblical saying that god created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Hmm, well here’s something to think about because the bible also says to love thy neighbor. One of the 10 commandments states that you should do unto others as you wish them to do unto you. So that clearly means that you can judge your neighbor and his husband, right? They should just shut up and take it in the ass because YOU say so? Please, pull your heads out of your asses. That couple isn’t over there losing any sleep over you being straight nor are they trying to take rights away from you because of how they believe. So who are you to do it to them? There would be an uproar if the LGBT community came at the straight community like the straight community comes at them. What’s even worse are the ones who secretly use lesbian or gay porn to get things shaking in the sack. Yeah, that girl on girl action that turns you on, that’s a homosexual act yet you aren’t against watching it to spice up your lame ass sex life are you? Seriously, you don’t get to masturbate to it or use it to get things spiced up in the bedroom and then turn around and ridicule them. It just doesn’t work that way. Besides, if they weren’t around how would you get your rocks off? You should be thankful for the variety.

Personally, I think that god or the gods, whatever it is that you believe in would ultimately just want everyone to love each other and be accepting of one another. I think that so many times this whole “it’s wrong because the bible says so” gets misconstrued and just thrown up like a shield so that you can feel justified in being a hater. Guess what, you’re NOT Captain America, that bible that you use as a shield isn’t saving anyone from harm. If anything, it’s causing more trouble than anything in this instance. What if you have a child who is of one of these alternative preferences and you don’t even know it? Chances are you do, but they are so fucking scared of your opinion that they’d rather die than be who they are because YOU tell him or her it’s wrong. People judge and cast out their own family and children in the name of being politically fucking correct, or because they are scared to be shunned by their church. WTF is up with that? Seriously? Your own children and loved ones, the people who likely always have and always will be there for you regardless of how they feel about your beliefs just tossed aside because they want to play with similar naughty bits. Can you really say as a woman that you don’t enjoy playing with your own tits, or if you’re a man that you don’t like to smack your pud? I know I sure like them both.

What does ‘gay’ look like? What does a ‘lesbian’ look like? Can you tell 100% of the time who someone is by how they look? Probably not, so here’s my answer: They look like PEOPLE!! *Gasp* Gays, fags, dykes, Lesbos, trannies or any of these fucking labels that you put on people are shit because they’re just people. Human beings like the rest of us who are probably struggling because society says that they’re sick in the head or its ‘wrong’ to love the person that they have chosen to simply because their genitalia matches. Gender is nothing. Sexual orientation is nothing. They are all just small parts of a much bigger picture. That bigger picture being that some people are extraordinary human beings and truly understand what love is about. Love is love, and it’s beautiful in every form. So what’s there to hate? There’s nothing to hate about that kind of unconditional love, it’s next to being saintly in my opinion. Open your eyes stop being the bigots that you have become by letting your opinions be misguided and formed by closed minded beings without any true sense of compassion.

For any of you out there reading this who might still be hiding in your closet, fuck that shit. Stop being the proverbial doormat and letting other people’s opinion affect your self-esteem and image. Stop listening to the negative bullshit and letting people walk on you. As long as YOU love you and are true to yourself nothing else matters. Maybe you’re ‘straight’ and want to experiment, but are terrified because of what others will think. Throw that mindset out the window as well, especially if you THINK you might be of an alternative lifestyle. Whoever you are, however you are, and whatever it is that you believe in IS beautiful. We’re all human beings. Don’t let some group of hateful people tell you who you are or what you should be according to them. Stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything. Show the world your flag and let fly as high as you can wave it. Fuck what the rest of the world thinks it’s not their life that you are living. Make the most of it however you see fit so long as it’s not actually harming anyone by any real definition of the word.