I am so excited to talk about this Retro Video but first…. I want to take this time to apologize to everyone about the sporadic posting the last couple of weeks. My health took a serious turn and it seems to be heading on an upswing. I am doing a lot better today and am ready to bring back some awesome articles.

I think this is one Retro Video that is not going to disappoint you. 10 years ago one of my favorite movies hit the big screen. Sadly, it is not an action movie, but I will be damned if I am going to say that I do not love the movie, Mean Girls. Lindsay Lohan being raised in the jungles of Africa only to finally go to a regular school for her junior year and it turns into an experiment gone wrong. I sometimes look back at that movie and wish that my high school was like that. Hell, I would have possibly have been the rapping Mathlete, Kevin G. Is it sad that I know the words of that rap still? Here is to tell how popular that movie is around here. Every time I hear, “Jingle Bell Rock”, the first thing that comes into my mind… You guessed it. Mean Girls. “Beautiful” by Christina Aguliera, I think of Mean Girls. I can also revert most of life back to this movie. Maybe it’s because it is an amazing movie, or maybe, just maybe it is because the movie is So Fetch. (It will work Gretchen. We have faith.) I think my mind in in “Overdrive” due the fact I see some Mean Girls stuff coming at you in the next few days.