First of all what a difference 10 years can make? What were you doing 10 years ago? I want you to sit and think about that for a second. Go ahead. I will wait…….. Ok. 10 years ago I was performing in front of an audience of maybe 20 people practicing my craft of comedy. As you can see, I am running an online magazine so that really worked out for me, but I loved every second of it. I was in a relationship with a girl and it was great well until later on but I digress. Something about sleeping with a greasy biker guy that is older than your dad just does nothing for me. Popular to what you may read online, a man in assless chaps doesn’t get me going. It was a happy time. So the other day I found a bunch of my CDs that a friend of mine burnt for me. It was 2004, If you thought we paid for that music, you would be sorely mistaken. Remember Limewire? My first computer wishes it doesn’t. That program had more Trojans than a condom factory. So in this music I found this song that I heard on VH1, yes, kids, they still played videos in 2004. A very difficult concept to conjure in your mind isn’t it. One of those songs was from a young lady named Maria Mena. I know what you are asking yourself. Who? Trust me, if it wasn’t of VH1, I wouldn’t know either. So this is dedicated to the year of 2004, God, we had good times. You’re The Only One who gets me!

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