The process of moving into a new house and then settling in absolutely and royally sucks. We moved for several reasons, most of them personal, about two weeks ago. The children settled into their new room and love the big, fenced in backyard. I’m loving having a double sink and a (gasp) dishwasher. Our new abode is a cute blue house that is a little too close to my parents to be comfortable.

We’ve been completely moved in for about ten days and counting. That’s enough time for me to notice a few… oddities.

1. Extremely dusty

girl_in_dusty_manorThe house sat vacant for about two months, during the worst of the yellow pollen season. I was not expecting spic-n-span for the price, but I was sneezing walking in the door. Within two days, I had to take a wet rag, broom, and mop after the whole place. The house also sports no carpet whatsoever. I love it, but it’s fun taking care of it.

2. Grimy fixtures

El Landlordo did a decent job of keeping the place clean, except for scrubbing out the bathrooms. Each sported their own multilayer look of a variety of soap scum. For example, I always thought that the shower in our main bathroom was a sort of beige tone. Which means in that bathroom, it’s beige, on beige, on an even beigier tone of beige.

After a few days, I got sick of the soap scum and went to town with a spray bottle of white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and warm water. That mixture is my go-to for an all purpose cleaner due to one kid having severe spring allergies and the other having a touch of asthma. I saved that shower for last, and finally got up the cahoneys to finally clean it. My go-to wouldn’t even touch it. The cleaner went screaming off into the daylight.

I had to pull out the big guns. This purple and lime green bottle is the mother of all cleaners. It’s the terminator of soap scum. But instead of coming back to the past, it’s already here. This cleaner is called Kaboom (not endorsing this product. Just use it sometimes). I only pull out this bottle for when I’ve gone too long between cleanings, which does happen.

I sprayed; let the product sit. Then, I wiped from top to bottom. It turned the beige soap scum black. I could hear those hard water stains giggling and cackling at me. I was determined to beat the scum.

After an hour of coughing, opening all windows, and about ten passes, the beast was beaten. And lo and behold! My shower is white, not beige.

3. Two bathrooms and only one shower

This house has two toilets, two sinks, and one now gleaming white shower stall. I have two, very young kids. Having only that shower makes it interesting for bathing my heathens.

Do I go after them with the water hose?

Do I only bathe them when it’s absolutely necessary and I can’t handle the stank anymore?

Do I throw them in the backyard kiddie pool with cold water and a small bottle of baby bottle wash?

I’m of the breed that believes in the power of WD-40 and duct tape.

The shower stall is large enough that I can put a 20-gallon storage tub in the bottom. It creates a very easy and handy bathtub for the boys. Which means, I can’t kill two birds with one stone anymore and bathe them together.

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