It is Monday and that can mean two things. One Garfield is pissed that it is another Monday and The Most Random Show on The Net is back for its newest episode. Today, Stephen Hawking reads a very special ad from Craigslist. We break down a story about the coolest gathering people in the world at a Bronycon. A pastor shows Gay porn during a sermon in Africa and driving naked while truckers watch you touch yourself. We apparently have a small echoing problem during this weeks edition of headlines and I apologize for that. We play a very popular game, Emerson tries to win a huge prize as she plays Who Wants to Win A Happy Meal? We have a nerd debate about what would be on the soundtrack of your life. The host become very vain. We also learned a valuable lesson. If you have a problem and do not know how to tell someone, you can always use a Reel Big Fish song. You can download the show from iTunes if you search for The Buzz Kill Live. If you are on a mobile device just click the word other wise just kick and relax to the most random show on the net.