The most random show on the net is back. Tonight, Emerson realizes the awesomeness known as Firefly. Tonight, we discuss The Fat Bachelor contest and you can enter by just clicking on the word contest on our menu or by clicking HERE. A cop masturbating in a Starbucks, a woman who gets hit by a deer, a stripper who exposes all of herself in a jail, Sex Sent Me to the ER, a ditzy sports reporter, a basement dwelling nerd with weather, and our small town traffic report. It must be the debut of TBK NEWS! We debate on whether Cosplay is purely sexual or an art form. We also rehash the debate on if Bruce Wayne is Butler’s boy and one host admits to liking Nickelback. This Week in Nerd History, an awkward superhero and so much more. If you would like to download the show, you can look us up on iTunes under The Buzz Kill Live or just click the word