I love being a nerd. It gives me power, it gives me strength, and it makes sure that my calendars are free for Doctor Who marathons. I have become a huge Whovian over the last year. I have gone out of my way to even find as many of the classic episodes. That has taken a lot of work I gave to say. I wish it was August. Another thing that I have grown to love is the move, Rocky Horror Picture Show. The songs are memorable, the movie is iconic, and bad things happen to me when I watch it. I never thought that I would see the two combined in my lifetime, but the fine people over at The Hillywood Show on YouTube has made the nerdom pop out of my stomach as in Aliens or Spaceballs. Depends on who you ask. Here is the 10th Doctor, doing the “Time Warp” with all his companions and even the creatures he has to battle. Grab some popcorn and ALLONS-Y!!! The part with Donna is amazing.


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