I have been having trouble to find the next induction into the Hall of Hotties. I think that after a while the job of just looking for hot women on the internet starts to become old. How many beautiful sets of asses can a person see before he just gets bored of asses? Answer: If you actually come up with a number than you, are no lover of the ass. I have been really struggling with trying to find a beautiful woman that embodies everything that is right with the Hall of Hotties. I have thought of inducting a couple of women who are the same age as my grandmother. Isn’t the old saying that women are like wine, they get better with age? I thought about inducting someone that was on a kids show in the past couple of years, but for the fear of being labeled the creepy guy, I refrained. So where can find the next inductee into the Hall of Hotties.

49769559088a921fcafeba2cfff2e11f_1024God bless the folks over at the USA Network for finally giving me an idea on who the next inductee will be. Now between wrestling, and reruns of Chrisley Knows Best, there are these super marathons of the show Modern Family. I know what you are thinking, who can actually be inducted from this show? Sofia Vergara has already been inducted. Could it be Claire? I do have thing for moms, could it be Claire’s oldest daughter Haley? Again, that would be really creepy. I was sitting there watching my favorite episodes when they air the episode called “Fizbo!” Cam dresses up as a clown to entertain at Luke’s birthday party. A very funny episode just for the gas station scene alone. They show Phil talking to this woman who happens to be there to show wild animals to the kids. The woman looked very familiar to me, but I started to feel my heart beat out of my chest. I was either having an artery problem from Arby’s or I found my next inductee into the Hall. Ladies and Gentleman, the next inductee into the Hall of Hotties is…….. Margo Harshman.

I bet you are sitting there and after you read that name, I am guessing that in your mind, or you may have said it to your imaginary friend. Who in the hell is Margo Harshman? That is a very good question that I would love to answer for you. She is a 28 year old actress who started on a very popular show for young adults. Any guesses on who? Well, since you said no, I will get to that at the very end of the induction. She is a very talented actress who has starred on the small screen as well as the big screen. She became friends with our eyelids in the Cineplex during the horror movie, Sorority Row. A bunch of women covered in blood and killing each other, sounds like a Black Friday sale to me. She was also in the movie Fired UP. Look, I hate to admit that I have actually seen that movie, but I have. The reason was because of my unhealthy love for cheerleader. I wonder if she would have let me touch her pom-poms?

ox281286729906363434Margo, may have been in movies, but she got her fame from her work on the small screen. Any ideas on what show she was on? No? You will find out in just a matter of moments. Right now, you can catch Margo on the hit CBS crime drama NCIS. I have to say that I would mind being the meat in a sandwich between her and Abbey. Would that not be a threesome to end all threesomes? Is there any way that someone could send Gibbs to slap me in the back of the head so I can return to reality? Last year, she was one of the best sitcoms on television, as the assistant to one Sheldon Cooper on season 6 of The Big Bang Theory. She did an amazing job and showed that still has some amazing comedic timing.

We would like to induct Margo Harshman into the Hall of Hotties. Margo, if you ever read this, I was wondering if we could go get some coffee, read a little poetry and as soon as I would make a move, you could shoot me down. Sounds like a perfect date. But if you don’t shoot me down, can we watch old episodes of you from the Disney Channel and make fun of your hair and make out? Look, I am going to go for a double and not a home run. It would be the first date people.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you what show she was on. Margo’s biggest role up until now, was Tawny on Even Stevens.


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