Greetings and salutations reader, I hope the day finds you well.

waitress-food-dinerI would like to start this article by saying that my family has always had it rough. Just like hundreds of thousands of other families out there, we have always had a tough time of things. One constant however, is that we always found a way to get by. Frankly, that is and has always been the standard way of living for 100+ years. The real American dream, “Just Getting By”. However a real staple of the American way of life has been the life of the waitress and other gratuity based services. Hairdressers (I bet you dollars to doughnuts you may not have heard that not tipping your stylist may be considered rude and uncouth), pizza delivery drivers, bellhops and of course waitresses (There are more tip based workers out there of course but these are the fairly most common). Getting a job at any of these places isn’t very difficult, however making ends meet is. I will focus on the waitress and tip based service for all intents and purposes. Mostly my mother has been a waitress and a cook most of her life, dependent on tips to survive because, well… the job market can be utter trash and a server or cook may be the only way to go besides fast food (which isn’t as bad as most people may think unless you have health issues). Which leads to the next obvious point, is it mandatory to leave a tip? That is a pretty hefty and widely debated issue, more heavily debated than you may think. As biased as I am on this issue, I do have to say I am more on the fence then you would think. Just like Mr. Pink said in the movie Reservoir Dogs..Well… I will just leave this here for the moment. “Mr. Pink: I don’t tip because society says I have to. All right, if someone deserves a tip, if they really put forth an effort, I’ll give them a little something extra. But this tipping automatically, it’s for the birds. As far as I’m concerned, they’re just doing their job.” Frankly, in all honesty, he is correct. They chose that particular profession and it really isn’t his or anyone else’s fault that the standard of that particular job is as such that employers pay their workers less just for the potential for a tip. However the other side of it is that there are hardly any other jobs out there for people to do. Basically qualified or massively overqualified, it doesn’t matter. It is a job that requires you to work hard and be nice to customers. However, I think that if you can afford to eat out or afford to do anything else that requires service from others, it really isn’t beyond the realm of concept to actually tip the people doing yourself a service if you choose it. I myself always try to tip something if I eat out or anything along those lines. If I can’t afford to, then I find a friend to clip my own hair, or cook my own pizza or oriental food. All bull noogies aside, you are basically paying for convenience. You can always learn to prepare and serve calamari, you can always keep your hair long or ask a friend or family member to cut it for you. You feel tired, or things are too busy for you in the real world, so the best answer to those problems may be a sushi bar, or a hairdresser, or a pizza place or even some tasty, tasty cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster. Controversy or even personal taste aside, these are people who deal with insurmountable odds often who don’t have much of a chance or opportunity to find something they would rather do to make money. You have no obligation, absolutely no obligation at all to give these people an extra few bucks when you eat out or deliver, none. However I personally think that you are the epitome of offal of the garbage heap if you don’t tip something if you choose one of these services. It may be a strong opinion from one random and little writer, but seriously, be a decent human being and have a conscience. On that note, before I potentially enrage any more readers with my opinion, I will retire for the night. Until we meet again reader, always stay farbot and maybe a little kinder.

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