Tell Me

Tell me how you need me,
Tell me how you care.
Tell me how I’m beautiful,
Tell me how my smile is kind and fair.

Tell me how you can’t breathe without me,
Tell me how you can’t sleep when I’m gone.
Tell me how even in a room full of people,
Without me, you feel alone.

Tell how you will be there
When everyone else has failed,
Tell me how you will pick me up,
When my world feels derailed.

Tell me how you love my touch,
Tell me how you love my body.
Tell me how the look in my eyes makes you feel.
Tell me how I can kiss you better than anybody.

Tell me how we will grow together,
Tell me how it will always be you and me.
Tell me how it will be forever,
Tell me that we were meant to be.

Tell me how much you love me,
Like it will be our last day,
Tell me how much I mean to you,
Like it’s the last words you will ever get to say.

Just tell me…

Free My Soul

Devoured into this trench of despair

Leaving me hollow and bare

Pulling me down, down, down

List a fist gripping my soul

Never unleashing, A prisoner to this hole

The darkest of days, The hardest of nights

Left yearning for the warmth of any given light

Like strings of a puppet without my control

Release these chains around me that bind

Free my soul

Free my soul

Drowning in the waters, my lungs will soon fill

Unable to cry out, robbed of my free will

Clawing and searching

Trying to put an end to this plight

Hoping for courage to fight this good fight

Somehow, some way, I will regain control

Taking back what is mine

Free my soul

Free my soul

On one foot, then two

I rise to stand still shaky and weak

But still tall, I stand

I will find the light in this darkness of despair

To this I swear

Taking back my once stolen role

I am the lone possessor of my soul

It is no longer yours to take

My eyes are wide open, I am now awake

Free my soul

Free my soul

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