I wanted to take this time to say Happy Father’s Day to all the real dad’s out there. Yes, I am going to use the term real Dad. This may not be the nicest article you read all day, but I think a lot of you will agree with the contents.

A man meets a beautiful woman, they talk for a little bit. There is a spark in both their eyes, and it leads to a night of passionate love making. A couple of weeks later she has a surprise for him. She tells him that she is expecting a child. This can go one of two ways. He is going to be scared, but excited to become a father to a child. He was able to help bring life into this world. There is no telling what that child will be able to do as their life continues. However, the wonderful flip side of things, is that he will turn into the biggest part of trailer park trash. There are always two sides to everything.

I want to say that there are plenty of men who are Father’s. That is amazing Dad’s and those are the men this day is celebrated for. Not for the pieces of shit that want nothing to do with their kids, either when they are growing up or as adults. Those men are not Fathers. Those men are nothing more than a sperm donor to a child that will grow up to be a better all-around person.

10464381_858974770798665_959415143393226642_nI was not raised by my biological parents, I was raised by my grandparents. The fundamentals I was able to apply in my life came from my Grandpa, but see in my mind and in my heart he was my Dad. That man did more me in 12 years than my biological father has done for me in 29. My grandpa, would take me for a walk and have meaningful conversations with me. We would talk about what life is. He would take me fishing. I know it doesn’t mean a lot to some of you but to me it meant the world. It was those little things about being around your dad that meant something.

Once I found out that I had a biological father, I became really excited, but it has been just that, excitement. It is kind of difficult to actually get to know someone that really doesn’t want you around. I know a lot of people will not understand this but some of you will. I have to look at like this, think about going to eat at your favorite place. You order the steak, you are excited about the steak, but instead they bring you out chicken. You can’t return the chicken. You got your hopes up about what was to be only to be let down about what actually is. I think that is how I have felt getting to know my biological father. I have had to learn this the hard way. Maybe, I expected too much, but in truth all he was is a sperm donor.
I want to take this time to say Happy Father’s Day to the men that stepped and become the role model their children deserve in life and one of those men happened to be my grandpa, my real dad. On Father’s Day he is the type of man this holiday is made for. I hope the day I get to be a father again, I can be like my real dad.

To the men who have children and seem to think it’s all about them. The day you helped bring life into this world that changed. I think a lot of you need to man up and know that once they become adults, a hatred will start to build inside them that is truly hard to put out. You may have a lot of people around you, but chances are you are more alone than anyone else. We are supposed to call you on this day, maybe you need to make time and call your children to see if they are OK, instead of blaming them.

If I offended you, remember this was Just an Opinion.