Tonight at 10/9C on The world premiere of the exploitation film, The Girl Who Played With The Dead will take place. If you love the Grindhouse style horror movies of the past, this is the movie for you. Here is what the movie is about:

Lauren has been obsessed with death, destruction, war atrocities and cannibalism too long. It’s time for a change. Running away from her thoughts, but never fully escaping them, Lauren finds that leaving her kinks behind her is easier said than done.

I am looking forward to this movie and you should check out this indie horror movie written and directed by Cory Udler. He is the twisted mind behind Incest Death Squad and Mediatrix. 10/9C live on, you will get to see the world premiere of this movie. If you love indie Horror films and are looking for something awesome on a Friday night, this is a don’t miss. Haven’t sold you yet? How about the trailer and I with the rest of you will be tuning in tonight to see how this story unfolds. Did I mention it was free?


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