YaYaHanSnowWhiteThis inductee to the Hall of Hotties is someone whom any red blooded male with a liking for the Asian persuasion can get balls deep into. She’s simply a triple threat to the women of Oriental descent, and I almost feel guilty for getting a lady boner when I look at her photos. She’s a self started, beautiful Cosplay costume designing genius, who resides in our very own Atlanta Georgia in this here United States. She’s one of those women who makes you think “God bless America!”, And truly is worth more than all of the tea in China.

Yaya Han is a widely recognized ambassador for Cosplay, and has been at it for just over 14 years. Born on April 10, 1982 in China, this Aries woman is simply amazing. She’s truly a woman to be lusted after for her costume designs, nerdiness, and overall beauty. I have yet to see a costume that she wasn’t stunning in, and I doubt that I will ever see the day where she’s anything but striking. Luckily, Asians tend to age very gracefully and I have no doubt that she will be in this wonderful world of Cosplay until her later years.

YaYaHanRarityYaya has been featured on the Syfy Channel’s “Heroes of Cosplay”, as well as a guest judge on “King of the Nerds”. She has a website where she sells photos, calendars, and Cosplay accessories for all of the nerdy kingdom to purchase. I have to admit that there isn’t much on there that I wouldn’t purchase, and I plan on doing so in the near future for various reasons. If I could be any other Asian woman on this planet, it would be this lady of nerdy, sexual temptation.

She’s designed and has done photo shoots in many costumes, but my top 3 Faves are where she cosplayed Carmilla from the ‘Power Rangers’, Rarity, from ‘My Little Pony’, and Jessica Rabbit from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’. I truly applaud her for going red as our olive skin tone often tends to conflict with the color. Other honorable mentions in regards to her costumes would be her version of Snow White, as well as Princess Leia. I would say she was the hottest woman on earth with red hair, but I have 3 daughters who are natural gingers and I tend to be biased. With any luck, one of them will be on this same epic note of nerdy and awesome. On that creepy, but amusing note, a fan base of 712k of the page of face can’t be wrong.

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