-Taylor-Kitsch-taylor-kitsch-31469314-373-480Can we say drool worthy? He’s got the abs of an Adonis, the smile of pretty Cheshire, and he can throw a mean set of cards. I would to induct Taylor Kitsch, a wonderfully handsome Canadian actor, into the Hall of Hunks. Yummy!

Now, who the hell is Taylor Kitsch? He’s the 32-year-old man I’d drop my boyfriend like a box of hot rocks for. His street creds include playing Gambit in the 2009 make of X-Men Origins: Wolverine; John Carter in the 2012 make of John Carter; and Lt. Alex Hopper in 2012’s Battleship alongside another noteworthy Rhianna.

Also to add to the cred is he was an Abercrombie and Fitch model. Hey, some of them guys are pretty nice to look at. Almost as nice as Hustler or Maxim is for men.
He’s known to be a fairly private person, and to me, that is at least worth a seven on the drool scale. I’d definitely slop him up with a biscuit and make him grin like a possum eatin’ sweet taters.

But according to several sources, he’s recently single and taking on meatier roles as in The Lone Survivor. I always did love me a man in uniform.

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