You have seen me naked

unannounced to you

You’ve seen me bare it all

yet never removed my clothes


I put it all out for you to see

I took that leap regardless

Ending up shattered, discarded

Bound and broken on the floor


I’ll gather up the pieces

I hope to mend my heart

It’s all I have to offer

One day it’s sure to be enough


You’ve seen me naked

Though we have never bedded

Completely laid bare

I’d hoped our dreams had united


Sharing with you my thoughts

What it was I held inside

Nowhere safe to hide it

I let it pour out of my mind


Now I saunter here still naked

Apprehensive, in disarray

My Tears they soak my pillow

Patiently waiting for your heart to feel the same


Can You?

Can you stand that tall?

Are your shoulders that broad?

Can you even fathom how to handle a woman this strong?

Can you understand how i feel?

Can you melt a heart of steel?

Can you make us become something beautiful?

Can you dry my tears?

Chase away my fears?

Can you feed my hopes and dreams?

Can you make love, and not just feel lust?

Can you make me feel wanted?

Can you gain, keep, and never betray my trust?

Can you love me, even for my dark side?

Can you see my beauty even on my ugly days?

Can you give me, and continute to feed a love that will never fade?

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