Feminism, Not Anti-Men

Recently I came upon a quote made about feminism. The quote goes like this:

“Why do feminists hate men?” Why does a movement for women become so misunderstood to the point where it’s still about men?

fem111That seems to make a lot of sense when you decide to let it the words sink in. I consider myself a feminist. The term was always defined mentally had been ‘strong woman’. The reason internally why I believe this statement to be true is that I think we deserve a chance to be treated the same as the opposite sex.

Sometimes when I mention the fact that I am a feminist, I am named a man-hater. That could not be any further from the truth. In fact, some of my closest friends are men. I think I am mentally able to be held at the same standards as men. I even think like a man. I am married to a man, not even a girly man that can be easily dominated. No, I married the blow shit up, ex-military, and proud veteran type of man.

I think the reason feminism has been closely related to the term “man-hater” is because we are strong levivard.com women. We do not like to be related as fragile creatures. We like to venture outside of the kitchen stereotype and make a name for ourselves in the workplace. Sometimes we even kick ass. If we put our mind to it, we can be the best out there to offer. We are strong-willed. We can also to the workload of ten people combined. Some men just find us as a threat.
Some political leaders play feminism as our weakness. Even I can see through their lies. Our own president used abortion ads to make us think we had something to prove. Just to win our voices. He played us like fools. The fact is that we don’t have anything to prove. We are already strong-minded, freethinking, and intelligent women. We shouldn’t let people decide our own path.

The truth is we shouldn’t be having someone tell us we have something to prove. We are better than that. If we stuck our minds to it, we could one day be fully held in the same respect as the opposite sex. Instead of fighting, we should be united. Wasn’t our right as freethinkers what feminism was truly founded for?

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Amber Mcquade

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