514_400x400_NoPeelOk fellers, let’s talk about something that just bugs the living shit right out of me. Most of y’all talk all this hype about how good you are in bed just to actually make it there and you leave us disappointed. If you say your ex is just wanting the goods, but the good isn’t any good…. What in the hell does that say about the ex? That she never had anything good in her life! Yes different strokes for different folks, but I’m sure that more than likely she was just trying to give you an ego boost so you wouldn’t go hang yourself. I had this guy (no names) that acted like he was all that and the freaking boots I wore, but when it came down to it, was nothing more than flip flops on a rainy day. He made himself sound like King Kong on crack climbing the tower to save the damsel in distress. He did not mention however that he was the one who left the damsel in distress. I think the saddest thing about it was that his friends tried to hype up the “situation” for him as well. WTF right?

So guys the moral of this little story is, don’t hype the “situation” let it be a total surprise so we won’t be let down if we do get rolling around in the hay. Don’t be sending us pics of that nasty looking sh-room either. Heck, if we want sh-rooms, we can get em at the grocery store. I myself would rather have a pic of you smiling (and I mean with teeth showing so I know you got some) and I’m sure most women would rather have that as well. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE should you out of the blue send a dick pic UNLESS she specifically asks for one. Remember not all women are the same and after my last article they will now know the signs to look for when someone is wanting attention!! Sex and package size should not be a topic of anything until you actually have sex. And lady’s, get some class and don’t put up with their shit! You have what they want, if you give it to them in advance, what more do you have to offer? Imagination makes things way more interesting! Let them imagine what it will be like, make them earn your goods.