Welcome to week six of Half-Baked Headline. This week I will bring you a church pew throw down, a firmly planted nanny, and a dumb camera criminal. Sit back, get comfy, and let me introduce you to a few of the crazy stories from around the world.

wayne-dodge-mugshotMost people who attend a church expect to walk into a place of peace, fellowship, and hospitality. It’s common for regular church members to favor a particular pew or side of the sanctuary to sit in. Ever heard the term “back row Baptist”? Well, imagine if you walked in and headed towards your favorite pew only to see that someone was sitting in your spot. How would you react? Wayne Dodge, 52, of Utah was in attendance for a baby blessing and a missionary farewell. He mistakenly sat in a pew that another family had saved in order to better see the baby receiving the blessing. A confrontation took place between Dodge and a male family member. Dodge punched the other man and even took it a step further. After the service, Dodge is accused of trying to strike the man with his vehicle in the church parking lot. Dodge was ordered to spend 30 days in jail, pay a fine, and attend anger management classes. If he got this upset over someone asking for their seat back then I’m not so sure anger management classes will help him.
PlanetFitnessCamera6-26[3]You hear stories all the time about perverts putting up hidden cameras in stores, bathrooms, etc. Can you imagine changing clothes and looking up to see a camera staring down at you? That is exactly what happened in a Planet Fitness in Seekonk, Massachusetts. An unidentified club member was identified while the local police were surveying the video for evidence. The camera had only been recording for 21 minutes before being discovered by a club member in the ladies locker room. If you are wondering how they identified the man, well, he was dumb enough to show himself installing the camera on video. Staff members later identified him as a club member. He made three ultimate mistakes… Putting a hidden camera in a location where he is known, obviously not hiding the camera better, and standing in front of the camera while he installed it. People like this help us to see that not everyone can pull off being a good criminal.



article-2671429-1F2AA07800000578-95_634x347Finding good child care is not easy, but the Bracamonte family thought that they had finally found what they were searching for when Diane Stretton answered their ad for a nanny. She received free room and board in exchange for child care. All was good and great for the first few months until Stretton stopped performing her duties. She told the family that it was due to a chronic illness, COPD, that she had problems completing her duties. The family states that she mentioned no illnesses when interviewed or hired. The family reduced her duties and after several warnings, the family decided to let her go. Only she wasn’t going anywhere. Stratton refused to leave the home and threatened to sue the family for elder abuse, breach of contract, and wrongful termination. When she refused to leave the house, the family called the police to have her removed, only they wouldn’t intervene because they say that she had “established residency” and the family would have to legally evict her from their home. So basically, what that says is that if someone comes to stay a week with you and decided that they want to stay but you want them to leave… Tough shit. That is insane! Homeowners should be able to kick anyone out that they want to. What has happened to our legal system? This story shows just how outrageous things in this country have become.