Let me start this week’s Half Baked Headlines by apologizing for missing last week’s headlines. Life kind of snuck up on me. As we all know, there is more than enough crazy in the world so I hope you all got your crazy fix a different way last week.

spider[3]The first story I am bringing you is one that’s close to home because I have been there. The ultimate fear of spiders can cause people to do things that are not exactly sane, but when that fear kicks your adrenaline into top speed, you are not thinking about your actions. All you are thinking about is how to get rid of that spider or where to run. An unidentified Seattle, Washington man was only thinking “Die, Spider, Die!” The man told the fireman that he spotted a spider in his laundry room. He then set the spider on fire with a can of spray paint and a lighter. He managed to also kill every insect within 100 feet by catching the house on fire. The damage to the house was an estimated $60,000.00. Once the man realized his mistake, he tried to drown the flames, but only managed to help them spread. Luckily, no one but the spider was injured during the fire. I also have a fear of eight legged demons and almost set my parents home on fire as a teen for the very same reason. Only my intruder was sitting in an unlit candle jar already. FYI: Hair spray and a lighter will definitely add a flame to the wick of a candle.

hathaway[1]There are some crazy fetishes in the world. One of these fetishes landed Town Marshall, David Hathaway, in a lot of trouble. His son’s girlfriend began to notice that her panties were coming up missing. After finding a pair of her panties and several others in Hathaway’s safe, the girl and Hathaway’s son set up a hidden camera under their bed. The video shows Hathaway picking up her underwear from the floor, inhaling her scent, and grabbing another pair before leaving the room. When confronted by his son, the man said that it was just a joke. He later confessed and admitted that he had a panty fetish that he is seeking help for. He was charged with criminal conversion. He could receive a nice size fine and up to a year in jail. I’m having a hard time deciding who to sympathize with in this story. The girl, who had to realize that her boyfriend’s dad is just a creepy old man. The guy, who had to realize that his dad carries wood for his girl. The man, who has urges that he just cannot control. Tough to choose!

#3During a traffic stop in Biloxi, Mississippi, Roger Beasley Jr. Took off running from the scene. I understand that when you are running from someone, you don’t exactly have time to stop and look at your surroundings, but this idiot ran straight into a police academy during a training course. How can you be running from the police and not see a parking lot full of police cars, marked and unmarked? He was obviously arrested on the spot and I’m sure the officers will laugh at his expense for years to come. Beasley was charged with possession of crack cocaine, resisting arrest, and careless driving. Common flee case of a criminal. He was carrying drugs and decided to take his change and run for it. He just ran in the wrong direction. I think I would have rather taken the time for possession instead of being the town joke.