I am one of the biggest Weird Al Yankovic fans on the planet. So when I heard, that he was going to make a new album, I can tell you one guy that was excited. I know this is going to sound bad, but after “Straight Outta Lynwood” I had some really high hopes, but “Alpocalypse” was kind of a let down. So not only has “Mandatory Fun” been one of the best albums he has released, but he is doing 8 videos in 8 days. Something that has never been done. So, I was able to sit down and watch all the videos that has been released and I have to say, He may have the two best parodies of his career. And we are going to feature both of them. First up, In My Opinion, is the best parody since “White & Nerdy” and maybe the best video of his since “Fat”. “Tacky” is a spoof of the Pharrel song “Happy” featuring the humor of Jack Black, Margaret Cho, Aisha Tyler, Kristen Schaal, and Eric Stonestreet. I am also adding that I would wear the suit Al rocks at the beginning of the video.

And secondly, The Weird one parodies the hit song of last Summer by Robin Thicke, “Blurred Lines.” Al spoofs all the people who have trouble with “Word Crimes.”