I don’t know where to even start with this inductee to the hall of hunky men. I can tell you that this one reminds me of a dreamscicle in the way that he’s just a sweet as he is cool and smooth. He’s one of today’s amazing artists with a great big heart that’s truly been locked out of heaven. With that pearly white smile and heart warming lyrics, he’s simply a soundtrack to love and life. Without further a due, I place before you Bruno Mars.

Mr. Peter Gene Hernandez was born a Libra Ox on October 8, 1985 in Honolulu, Hawaii but is better known to us as Bruno Mars. That’s right, he’s a home grown heart throb of amazing proportion. As a singer, songwriter, choreographer, and record producer, he’s truly earned his now $40 million net worth, as his career wasn’t such great success in the very beginning. I would gather that not too many people know that Bruno had been unsuccessful with Motown Records before signing with Atlantic in 2009. His beginning claims to fame here on the mainland were when he featured with B.o.B.’s ‘Nothin’ on you‘ and Travie McCoy’s ‘Billionaire’ in which he lent vocals to, and wrote the hooks for. Both of those songs were a worldwide success.

bruno-mars-bw2His debut album “Doo Whops & Hooligans” released in 2010 with the hits ‘Just the way you are’, ‘Grenade’, and ‘The lazy song’. That album quickly became the soundtrack to that chapter of my life, but it wasn’t until later that I’d actually realized this. I have sang and dedicated some of this man’s songs to people who have made the greatest impacts in my life. There truly is something for everyone, no matter if you want to subtly tell a girl you’re ‘just friends’ with that you love her without her picking up on it, or you want to make it known that you are bat shit crazy in love with her, he’s got that covered too. Want to marry him or her? Yup, he’s even got that. He’s a hopeless romantic’s lyrical dream, as well as a hip hopper’s delight with his musical diversity. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t love a man who croons about what he feels, and all of the things he wishes he’d have done to make her stay because he was wrong? Sorry guys, but this man have set a high standard for all of you.

I am most attracted to this phenomenal artist for his great big heart, and the kind of inspiration that he instills in myself, and others to pay it forward. He may only stand 5 feet 5 inches, but I can promise you there’s a lot packed in there and it comes out with a force to be reckoned with. He’s an amazing performer full of energy, enthusiasm, and passion as I am sure those of us who watched the Super Bowl a couple of years back found out. He was the best thing about that train wreck of a game, and was introduced after possibly the best Pepsi Cola commercial I have ever witnessed.

Very recently I found another reason to adore and salivate over this man even more, and it was upon the discovery of one of the most moving performances I have seen in a sincerely long time. I can only imagine how very happy Ms. Zumya Thorpe was to be serenaded by the man who helped her regain speech after a tragically heartbreaking car accident causing the death of her mother, two younger siblings, and an unborn sibling. Her favorite song being “When I was your man”, which was played for her by friends and family in the hospital for her during her recovery of a traumatic brain injury, which caused blindness and a physical struggle to regain her ability to walk.

If ever Mr. Mars were to read this I would want to thank him from the deepest corners of my heart for being such an extraordinary human being. He truly has been locked out of heaven and left on this earth to be the grenade that makes my heart, and many others implode with happiness and emotions. He’s one of the richest men on earth, even if he never becomes a billionaire because he exudes love, inspiration, and beauty in measures that often go unrecognized in this harsh world of negativity and selfishness. This man is sincerely a treasure of epic musical proportion.