I know that in my heart, this may not even do better than average due to the fact I am not promoting it as I should. But I want to get this message out to the people who have been with us since day one. This is to our fans. This message is to the staff. And this message most of all is for the people who said this site is nothing more than a hobby, something to do while taking up free time.

First, to the fans that have been with us since day one and that fanbase has continued to grow. I want to thank each and every one of you without you there would be no magazine. This would still be a pipe dream that would have been in my mind for almost 8 years. I remember the day I called up my friends and asked if they wanted to start an online magazine with me back in 2007. They thought the idea was cool, but no one would really ever take the time to enjoy this with me. Did I ever think an online magazine would make us a billion dollars overnight? Hell No, but did I think it would be amazing to do something in the same style as one of the people I look up to, Kevin Smith.  He decided to make a movie called Clerks, and instead of going out and finding actors and actresses, he used his friends. But that idea was only in my mind apparently, until this year and the growing staff came together to make what you see before you happen. All of this because of all of you. I love getting the emails, and the text messages, from those that personally know me, telling me that they love what is presented. It has made this ride even more special than it already is. If I could hug you, I would.

Secondly, this is about the staff. I would say this right now, and as God as my witness, I believe this with all my heart. You could tell me all the great writing staffs that are on the internet, you could tell me about the TMZ’s, or the Huffington Post’s of the internet and while I respect and love what they do, there is one thing lacking that I know in my heart of hearts, this staff has. PASSION. We may not be the best group of writers in the world, and hell, we are going to make mistakes, but damn it, we will make you laugh, make you think, and may even piss you off. I know for a fact, how pissed off readers were when we posted the #yesallwomen article. That is something that you cannot teach in a school or in a classroom. You cannot teach bringing out the raw emotion in a person when they are reading, listening, or watching something. I feel that this is the most eclectic group of people that has been brought together on the internet. But there is one thing, I will put this staff up against anyone at any given time because I believe in them that much. I am proud to have these men and women to be by my side. Whether it is something funny, a poem, a helpful hint, or something that will bring tears your eyes, we are going to do it better than anyone on the internet.

Last, to the people that have told us, this will never amount to anything, this is just a hobby, and my personal favorite, What good is it doing you? I want you to realize something, it has been four years and We are still here. We are not going anywhere. We are going to continue to do what we do because we love it. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but THIS IS OUR TIME!!!!!

I am posting this, for all of you to help spread the word. Get our name out there. Tell the world about us. Share us on Facebook, send Tweets about us, share us on Myspace, youtube, vevo, Friendster, Bebo, AOL Chat, Phone Call, Text, Email, Message in a bottle, it doesn’t matter. Help us spread the word.

Join The Revolution because if you liked what we have done so far……...YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHING YET!!!!

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